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Dance moves and deepfakes: Indonesia presidential candidates duke it out on TikTok

By Stanley Widianto

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Indonesia has been a mess for a long time. A shame that it doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon.

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Young voters prefer to see candidates create fun content...

If young people vote for Prabowo, an unindicted war criminal of low moral character, and he wins, they'll soon get tired of his "fun" regime and it does look like the majority in this election is going to impose another repressive regime on themselves allowing themselves to be gaslit by a wolf in sheep's clothing who will govern like an Indonesian Trump. With the current president's "under-age" son as his side-kick under the control of a paternal dalang ( wayang puppeteer) who intends to groom him to establish the political dynasty of Jokowi Redux there will be a power struggle behind the "Batik Curtain" with sinister fascist forces of the Indonesian military allied to their rogue ex-general.

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the ruling party is leading with a comfortable numbers, it is sure-win election for them

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