Denmarks: Nord Stream 2 pipeline seems to have stopped leaking


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Good !

Now if we could just stop our world leaders from leaking natural gas

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Denmarks: Nord Stream 2 pipeline seems to have stopped leaking

Isn’t there only one Denmark?

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In Washington, U.S. President Joe Biden dismissed Putin’s pipeline claims as outlandish.


Why are the claims outlandish?

Russia certainly doesn’t benefit from blowing up its own infrastructure.

I don’t see the the Russians blowing up parts of Moscow or St Petersburg.

Who would?

Another major supplier of natural gas like the US perhaps?

Maybe that would be outlandish except for Biden being on the record as opposing the pipelines and stating that the Russians would be prevented from supplying natural gas to Europe.

And which country signed a deal to supply Europe ?

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It's empty! All the gas has leaked out of it.

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Benefit to Putin? Sometimes dictators do things that have zero benefit for their people/countries. Sometimes dictators cut of their own noses to spite their faces. And Putin's MASSIVE inferiority complex against the West leads him to do really stupid things. Putin thought the West was weak, and he was strong: the opposite is proving true. Putin thought there was no way that Europe could get through the winter without any Russian Gas: Europe will put Putin's fantasies to rest.

What benefit did the Soviet Union have in sealing off its economy for decades, or in prioritizing military spending over providing consumer necessities? What benefit did Stalin earn in randomly murdering millions of his own loyal citizens during the Great Purge? Or in making an alliance with Fascist Germany, a country whose leader swore to anyone who'd listen, that his ultimate goal in life was to erase Russia from the map? None, really. So to think that Putin decided to cut the European nose off just to spite his own sagging Russian face, well, this isn't exactly the first time things like this have happened....

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Its flooded with Sea Water and the residual gas within the closed down pipeline has mostly escaped. Nord 1 & 2 pipelines won't be in use for some time now, even if Russia has a coup and topples Putin.

Russia would most definitely blow up it's own pipeline, since doing so, would lead to many people thinking that the US was behind it, as clearly America has more to gain... thus seeding doubts in European minds over who's really the bad actor here. This is the way, Putins Government works - remember he's an ex-KGB Officer.

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Maybe that would be outlandish except for Biden being on the record as opposing the pipelines.

Not just Biden. The CIA warned the Germans about it while it was still in the planning phase. The Americans warned their allies back then that becoming heavily dependent on Russia for such a key commodity was risky and not a good idea. LOL, those crazy Americans!

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Russia would most definitely blow up it's own pipeline, 


Really? A multi billion dollar infrastructure investment that will pay off for decades and Russia blows it up for a little Psyop? Normally the conspiracy theory haters would be all over you, but I guess this one has permission from Davos.

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