Daughter claims Australian ex-PM Hawke urged her to be silent on alleged rape


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Totally sick but this is what the real elite do, sons are put on a pedestal and expected to keep the blood line pure wher daughers are used and abused.

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It is good she is speaking out again. The elite always think they are above the law.

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This is a bombshell allegation against an iconic, much loved and respected Australian Prime Minister. It will be interesting to see how the media handles this.

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Before we all get carried away we have to look at the facts

1/ Both the father Bob Hawke and the supposed assailant are deceased so nether can defend themselves.

2/ All of Bob Hawkes kids were left $750,000 each, none of the other kids have placed a claim against the estate except the so called "victim" who is or was a heroin addict - she could be using this claim as a way to catch up on her wasted youth.

3/ All of her claims against the so called "assailant" don't correspond with the facts of where he lived or positions he had in the Labor Party.

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It's normal for those in power, how many rape claims against close LDP associates have not been investigated? Even with video evidence. It's a vile normality for public figures which says a lot for who get voted in. Squeeze a little and pus comes out.

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Dillon's sister, Sue Pieters-Hawke, said the family had been aware of the allegations at the time and Hawke found them distressing.

This is very incriminating.

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Bob Hawke has been out of Parliament for 28 years now. At no point in the past 28 years have Rosslyn, her sister Sue, or Bob Hawke's first wife Hazel, when she wasn't ill, raised these allegations. They're only being raised now, as part of Rosslyn's attempt to get more money from her father's estate. Why the emphasis on Hawke's responsibility in any cover-up? What about the rest of the family's responsibility, after Hawke was not only out of politics but had also left Hazel for another woman? Shouldn't they have spoken out then? There's been no danger of adversely affecting Hawke's political career for all that time. Why wait until now, when Hawke, Hazel, and alleged attacker Bill Landeryou are all dead?

I don't really doubt that some kind of sexual assault took place, despite the fact that there are inconsistencies in Rosslyn's account, as the original news medium breaking this story admitted. Dates don't match up. The alleged rapist never owned a house in the suburb Rosslyn said she was assaulted in. Of course she was a heroin addict for many years, so that can affect your memory adversely. What bothers me about this story is that although most people would sympathize with a heroin addict, not everyone does, and the fact that she was a heroin addict was public knowledge at the time. Everyone, though, would sympathize with a rape victim. So why would there even be a need to cover it up? And why would everyone just go along with it until now?

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At no point in the past 28 years have Rosslyn, her sister Sue, or Bob Hawke's first wife Hazel, when she wasn't ill, raised these allegations. 

Not in public, but the sister Sue confirms they were made back in the time.

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