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Days from U.S. government shutdown, Congress racing to strike deal


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Repub dysfunction, chaos, and incompetence...

They've done nothing since gaining the majority in the House except get played and manipulated by Russian and Chinese intelligence with their Hunter fixation...

Or maybe instead of manipulation, it was collusion...

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It appears the current compromise will be two new Continuing Resolutions. Sigh. The CR for four departments that expires on 1 March will be extended to 8 March and the CR for the remainder of the departments that expires on 8 March will be extended to 22 March.

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Congress needs to be fired. They aren't doing their job. This all should have been handled before 10/31 last year.

Throw all the bums out if they aren't willing to do their job.

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No money for Kyiv regime..


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Pass the deal and then follow it up with the bipartisan foreign aid bill, Jesus Boy. He looks like calling to Jesus is the only form of strength he has.

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