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Deadly copter crash highlights role of U.S. special forces


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“We will press on and we will succeed,” President Barack Obama said at the White House. What?! You had been pressing and loosing! Successful looser! The leader of blind and naive. Leave and let leave.

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It's very easy to give brave speeches in a studio, protected by more than 500 heavily armed henchmen.

If he actually rolled up his sleeves and went there without his massive protection, I might have some respect for him.

Obama is just a mouth. That's all. It's more or less a waste of time listening to him.

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If the Chinook chopper was hit by a RPG at low levels, there must be some 'survivors'. The incident was happened in midnight when visibility was low, it was very unlikely an unguided rocket could hit a flying target! The most likely was the chinook got hit by a SA7 portable SAMs when it was in higher mid air. Once it was hit, the chopper lost all the power and control like a free falling object and kills everyone onboard!

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They were sucked into a trap cleverly sprung by the Afghans.

The shoot down should be extremely worrying to Nato as it indicates how sophisticated the Afgahans are becoming particularly since over the summer they have been able to assassinate at will.

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Among the many theories circulating about this incident, the one that says they had an Afghan suicide bomber in Afghani armee uniform among them is the one that makes most sense. That they refuse to give the names of the dead adds weight to this.

Foolish government, pursuing a policy based on blatant fiction.

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Man, you said it:

Foolish government, pursuing a policy based on blatant fiction.

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