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Death toll in Philippines typhoon hits 208

By Allison Jackson and Ron Lopez

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Thanks JT for reporting that. Otherwise I would not have known. It is not reported yet in the main news channel here or in my country that I am looking at. Omicron that has officially claimed only one life is more important!!!

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Omicron that has officially claimed only one life is more important!!!*

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Seems the intended purpose of this statement of yours was lost on many.

Of course it may well be me that misunderstood

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Usually, typhoons in summer are born in the Pacific, far off the east coasts of the Philippines Islands. The new-born typhoons first move toward the Philippines but change courses curving toward Okinawa. When they approach Okinawa their packed wind force becomes maximum.

So, Typhoon Rai is very abnormal in every respect -- as regards its birth, course and wind force.

Is climate change responsible for it all?

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Philippine has been liable to devastating tornado that damaged more houses and more people became homeless. Philippine has been in real catastrophe because of such annual tornado. More neighbouring countries try to provide Philippine with humanitarian aids.

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