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Deaths pass 1,900 in New York; Cuomo calls those who won't stay at home 'selfish'


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Nearly 6,200 New York City police officers, or one-sixth of the department, were out sick Wednesday, including about 4,800 who reported flu-like systems, though it was not clear how many had the virus.

A worrying point. Should the law enforcement become paralyzed, social order would be likely to near collapse.

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Staggering how quickly this has spread. We will reach the million infections point today and numbers infected are going up by nearly 100,000 a day.

I'm really struggling to see how life will ever return to normal. I guess it will one day, but it seems a very long watt away.

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he strain facing some of the world's best health care systems has been aggravated by hospital budget cuts over the past decade in Italy, Spain, France and Britain. 

That quality health care for the general public is critical to maintaining a strong economy is one that the powers that are - everywhere - need to understand. And do something about.

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There have been countless hoax videos posted showing piles of bodies in multiple locations. But there's a problem - The same video that was claimed to be for New York was also claimed to be for Italy and is now claimed to be for Ecuador. The only videos that do not have hoaxes scattered in are those where people are going around to hospitals proving they are empty. All the bodies in the street videos are hoaxes, even when published in the MSM. No where has America hit a death rate, which, even when taken in the worst areas, would strain or probably even be noticeable in the dead body handling system.

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Cuomo's negligence early on has cost lives.

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Cuomo's negligence early on has cost lives.

No, it's Trump with TrumpCare. People are so scared to go to hospitals because of the scary billing and they continue to carry it and infect other people. Better stay safe in Japan with their government backed healthcare.

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In the weeks leading up to the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, tens of millions of Americans who get their information from media personalities like Ms. Owens heard that this once-in-a-lifetime global health crisis was actually downright ordinary.

The president’s backers sometimes seemed to take their cues from him. On Feb. 26, the day before Ms. Owens was a guest at the White House for an African-American History Month reception, Mr. Trump denied it would spread further. “I don’t think it’s inevitable,” he said.

At other times, the president echoed right-wing media stars. When he declared at a campaign rally two days later that criticism of his halting response was a “new hoax,” commentators like Laura Ingraham of Fox News had already been accusing his opponents of exploiting the crisis. “A coronavirus,” she said on Feb. 25, “that’s a new pathway for hitting President Trump.” And when he falsely asserted that he had treated the outbreak as a pandemic all along, Fox hosts like Sean Hannity backed him up, saying that Mr. Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China and Europe would “go down as the single most consequential decision in history.”

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No, we still basically have Obamacare thanks to our great Congress.

The Republicans invented ObamaCare (Nixon). How is Trump going to pay for all the medical bills from CV? How is Trump going to implement TrumpCare? How about the same way they are paid for in Japan? Medicare-for-all like? The American version of Japan's system? Works for both Japanese and foreigners alike (especially Trump Americans) Trump has not addressed how all these medical bills are going to be paid for. He just keeps blaming Hillary. Under Trump Americans are afraid to go to the hospital and this will increase the exposure to CV and cause more deaths. This is happening under Trump. Also, the stock market is trashed (under Trump).

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Readers, once again, we ask you to put aside your political differences on this thread.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic compare to the last pandemic?

The 2009 flu pandemic was the second H1N1 pandemic the world had seen — the first being the 1918 Spanish flu, still the most deadly pandemic in history. The 2009 pandemic was caused by a new strain of H1N1 that originated in Mexico in the spring of 2009 before spreading to the rest of the world. By June of that year, there were enough cases that the World Health Organization declared the swine flu outbreak a pandemic. 

In the U.S., between April 2009 and April 2010, the CDC estimates there were 60.8 million cases of swine flu, with over 274,000 hospitalizations and nearly 12,500 deaths — that's a mortality rate of about 0.02%. The mortality rate for the novel coronavirus is much higher so far, around 2% (although the number will likely change as more people are tested). That may not sound like a big difference, "but when extrapolated, can mean millions more deaths," Strathdee said.

The 2009 flu pandemic primarily affected children and young adults, and 80% of the deaths were in people younger than 65, the CDC reported. That was unusual, considering that most strains of flu viruses, including those that cause seasonal flu, cause the highest percentage of deaths in people ages 65 and older.

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The biggest joke is, every liberal is being tuned out, that’s the only one great thing that has come out from this tragedy, we don’t have to be subjected to one bit of it for now at least and I do give Cuomo some credit for this.

Cuomo cracked down even harder on public gatherings in the face of the coronavirus, calling residents who disregarded stay-at-home rules "selfish." He told New York City police to more aggressively enforce rules for social distancing as deaths in the state shot up to nearly 2,000.

He started late, downplayed it, but at least he’s on it and is doing the best he can for the city.

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Meanwhile, back at the thread titled "Deaths pass 1,900 in New York; Cuomo calls those who won't stay at home 'selfish

Is he incorrect?

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