Deeply-divided EU holds emergency summit on migrant crisis


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Not all the people fleeing to Europe are refugees. Some are ISIS, some are looking for hand-outs, etc. Europe has high unemployment already and cannot absorb millions of Muslims.

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"Closing borders is not a solution", she said.

And Victor Orban from Hungary says that it's a solution.

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The flood will not stop until the borders are protected and Merkels open invitation to plonk the whole world into Germany`s welfare system is withdrawn.

It is disheartinging watching these fools destroy Europe.

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How can those refugees absorbed in the european community? They were not interested to learn local languages but pure welfare benefits.

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" They were not interested to learn local languages but pure welfare benefits. "

More worryingly, they are not interested in learning Western values. Did you see the video about the cartoon riots in the German refugee house? They wanted to murder the guy, on the basis of the simply accusation that he had damaged a cartoon.

Je suis Charlie? Try to explain the concept of freedom of speech to these millions of newcomers.

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Try to explain the concept of freedom of speech to these millions of newcomers.

LOL!!! They've come to Europe not for lectures on such silly things. The've come to Europe (Germany, to be exact) for hefty welfare payments. They settle down and then THEY'll give lectures to spineless Europeans how everybody must live in accordance with sharia law. God save Germany! Once it was a clean, orderly country.

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French President Francois Hollande was more blunt.

“Those who don’t share our values, those who don’t even want to respect those principles, need to start asking themselves questions about their place in the European Union,”

HELLO! This is exactly what the ex-muslims have been trying to get across to the "Western" world for decades! They keep saying it, I keep saying it, and many others besides this will keep saying it. Islamic ideology is not compatible with Western democracy and the human rights and values we're taught to uphold.

Remember, the major Islamic countries have taken the time to make their own "human rights" charter. It's nowhere near as respectable to all human beings as one we know of that currently exists.

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As long as the EU does this half hearted attempts at this the flood will not stop,you cant save them all that is the grim truth because if you are just helping the illigal migrants and not the native population than you are doing something wrong.

Just do it the Australian way and it will be fine its helped Australia with its problem,So stop trying to get a Nobel Prize for helping People who are not even fleeing from war and just drag their boats back and sink em before the coast. I am so glad to live in Japan and not deal with this insanity that is called forced humanism on the people of the EU.

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