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Defiance and hope in Hong Kong as police cede streets


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This is what it looks like when the people actually demand their Government listen and take action.

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2 Million people marching on the streets, fighting for freedom and democracy, and standing up to Communist bullies. Out of HK population of 7.3 million that's amazing! The freedom-loving people of the world are beside all HK citizens at this dangerous time.

Its a revolution fighting for democracy.

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About two million marched in the finance hub on Sunday, organisers said, piling pressure on the city's embattled pro-Beijing leader who apologised for causing "conflict" but refused to step down.

> The extradition furore is just the latest chapter in what many see as a battle for the soul of Hong Kong.

For the last decade the city has been convulsed by political turbulence between pro-Beijing authorities and opponents who fear an increasingly assertive China is stamping on the city's unique freedoms and culture enjoyed since the handover in 1997.

Amidst the frenzy from 100s of thousands -maybe millions- of protesters, Carrie Lam who's Hong Kongs chairwoman declares a deferment of the proffered extradion law that would have granted expatriation of Hong Kong denizen to authorities in China.

On Sunday, Chairwoman Lam made amends for the way her administration managed the proposition but she ended up not taking everything off the table with this dubitable law. The causal sequence of the proposition itself now calls into doubt of Hong Kong's autonomy. With high probability, I prognosticate that sooner rather than later Red Dragon (China) takes a constricted grip.

Presently Hong Kong is not exposed to the same economic ramifications between China-US trade conflict. So long Hong Kong is treated "autonomous" then they remain disconnected from America's tariffs and other directed maneuvers at Beijing. But if the CCP breeches the progressively unsettled obstacles, and legal as well as judicial systems designed to accommodate that autonomy - well, then the circumstance could alter. By degrees, Hong Kong is insubstantial.


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