Defiant Australian legislator rejects brothel claims


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showme - LOL.

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If people could cry for ALP over so much mess on so many things , including this unbelievable case, they would run out of tears by now.

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He been having a hell of a good time hasnt he.

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I think that's meant to be past 3 months not years. Having said that Thomson needs to go...

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What astounds me is the the focus on the brothels amounting to 6000 dollars, when there is another 394,000 dollars to account for. To me, the brothel money is not even worth mentioning. Some people have sex on the brain, which is a terrible place to have it.

But then, the money spent on expensive restaurants, hotels, etc is pretty typical of politicians, isn't it? And I don't think its so uncommon that the money often comes from funds that should not be used for those things. To go after him just for those would expose some serious self-serving hypocrisy.

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He has to pay for sex. Ha Ha!

So do we all, one way or another. At least his method of payment came with a clear tab and with less emotional cost.

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The scandal has dominated Australian media for the past three years

Oh good grief... no wonder they are in such disarray. Even the pathetic political system that is Japan runs at a quicker pace than that..

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He has to pay for sex. Ha Ha!

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A 1,100-page report by Australia’s workplace regulator, tabled in parliament, found Thomson stayed at top hotels, withdrew more than A$100,000 in cash from his union credit cards over five years, and spent up to A$1,500 a night at top restaurants.

Good old unions strike again. With greedy people like this running the unions and using their members money to carry on like this its no wonder unions are a dying thing.

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