Delicate diplomacy: Pope meets Argentine president


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Time for the 10th Crusade?

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I wish old Hugo Chavez could have met this POPE!!

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Cameron, who seems to feign a half-arsed C of E affiliation for the cameras, has already politely said he couldn't care less what this pope says anyway concerning these islands. This pope clearly thought ( maybe still thinks ) that those people sacrificed were heroes. How about condemning the idiotic despots who sent them there?

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Cristina Fernandez has no shame. She strongly resented Pope Francis's criticism of her and her government when he was a cardinal. Now she's sucking up to him for political ends.

I think we can trust him to see through such shallow opportunism. She's not well-liked at home. Fernandez is exploiting this, and the Vatican is not making a comment on the Pope's response. Who knows, maybe he even politely told her to sling her hook. She'd never publicize that, now, would she?

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It troubles me greatly that so highly placed of a leader in the Catholic Church would be so cavalier in condoning a war of aggression in which nearly 1000 lives were lost. Though he was bishop of Buenos Aires at the time, he is now the leader of a "catholic" Church, and just as much the spiritual leader of British, Argentinian, and Falkland Islander Catholics alike. I hope he is wise enough to distance himself from his past statements and not become involved in what can most charitably be described as a territorial dispute.

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The Falkland Islanders voted to remain British... just get over it you stupid woman.

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The Falklands conflict was a disgraceful episode which supposed 'men of god' should decry as an avoidable loss of human lives. I can remember the then Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie denouncing the very nasty nationalism which was fanned by the Tories and asking people to remember the Argentinian as well as British dead. I have no affiliation with any religion, but I applauded Runcie for standing outside politics.

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The Falkland Islanders voted to remain British... just get over it you s***** woman.

Honestly, it's not only The Argentinian President that claim the Falkland Islands are Argentinian, She picked up the same habit that Evo Morales is preaching: it is yours even if you lost it in a war and there are international agreements...

Everyone can see that it is opportunism from "Ms K." (Here, she is called that), what is astonishing is the nerve of her to pretend that she is delighted with him and ask him to intervene.

As for the conflict with Chile, (in which J.P. II intervened) I cannot speak much since I was very little, and the only connection could be that after Argentina lost the islands over a resolution from U.K. ,Chile supported U.K in the Falkland War. In times where Chile was under a military government leaded by Pinochet.

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It is a fundamental principle of international law, accepted by all nations for the past 60 years, that it is for the inhabitants of a territory alone to determine how they are governed. The Falkland Islanders have spoken and religious and politicians will do well to remember this.

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She asked wrong person. Pope is religious person and Pope is not General Secretary of United Nation. Falkland Islanders said they are staying with British and they don't want Argentine Government interfering in their territory. Back off.

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