Democrat ally urges Clinton to explain her email actions


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As a former lawyer, either Hillary has certain intent for so doing or assuming the law doesn't apply to The Clintons. An ex ambassador was reprimanded and a letter bears her signature warned her staffs not to use private email for official business. Remember the right wing conspiracy as she claimed during Monica Lewinsky's affair with her husband! Obviously, she uses multiple personal accounts for official business, and with secret service protection, only Hillary knows of what turns in to state department and what not? Just wondering if it is constitute a criminal act to be persecuted by government? Some of her emails show her State Department peoples intervened immediately during Benghazi attacked to no surprise! Well, as usual politicians wear smiling faces with crooked and corrupted nature, as this one.

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I'm sure the North Koreans hacked her account long ago. And if there was anything incriminating, smuggler-top fatso would've tried to extort her to keep it quiet or published it right away to embarrass her.

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"she’s turned over all relevant emails — totaling 55,000 pages"

Wow, that's a whole lotta mails!

Good grief, they're making a mountain out of a molehill here, this is not gonna stop Hillary from taking the Democratic nomination and then beating the Republican nominee next year.

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The only thing I like about Hillary is that she is a women. I hope this motivates the Democrats to find a decent candidate.

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Democrat ally urges Clinton to explain her email actions

Someone didn't get word that the rules don't apply to the Clinton's. Why pick on poor Hillary? She was destitute when she left the White House. She had only two mansions to live in. For a woman accustomed to being chauffeured around for decades that must have been an excruciatingly difficult adjustment in her lifestyle. Besides, doesn't every employee at the State Department have their own IT data center with a full time staff in their personnel mansions? It's all just so unfair.

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Why not return the server taxpayers paid for? Something to hide?

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Why not return the server taxpayers paid for? Something to hide?

By now Hillary has that e-mail servers' hard drive tucked away with the dusty documents from the Rose Law firm and the stacks of cash from her cattle futures profits. Hillary feels entitled to her own IT department, chauffeur, hundreds of thousands in speaking fees from public universities, and millions from African and Middle Eastern regimes that oppress women, Christians, and homosexuals.

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