Democrat Bloomberg opens campaign offices in three battleground states


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Right on Mickey, force Joe to whip out the checkbook.

Bleed him dry.

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To run any successful election campaign, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul will need the support/unity of all the so called senior/leading progressive left wing socialist Democrats.

Namely the political chameleon Elizabeth Warren?.....  Without unity within the party, especially when presenting a policy agenda to the electorate, the cause is hobbled from day one

What do Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul, and Elizabeth Warren expect to achieve here?

Both have little all/no political consensus.

It would be fair to suggest both, policy wise, are polar opposites…..So why are they occupying the same political space in the same party????!!!!

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The richest Dem, Bloomberg, is not going to beat the poorest Dem, Buttigieg, for the nomination, and if Hillary jumps in all bets are off. But all this is moot because...

Trump won by less than 1 percentage point in each "Blue Wall" state.

He's going to win those states by more than 1 percentage point and pick off some more blue states in 2020.

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The wealthy who want power... Not going to elect this "rich old WASP" elitist.   Win or lose, he doesn't have to worry about financial security, job security, or struggling to have livable retirement savings.   It's called being out of touch with the populace.

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