Democrats make federal election standards a top priority


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GOP SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights act.

GOP legislatures enacted new voting requirements to correct non-existent voter fraud.

Republicans want to make it harder for (black and brown) Americans to vote because when they do, Republicans lose.

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need for federal election standards and other reforms to shore up the foundations of American democracy

Indeed voting and elections are cornerstone to democracy.

The attempts by Trump and his fellow Republicans to undermine voting and elections have weakened many American's faith in them. That faith needs to be restored.

Trump, his fellow Republicans and other extreme right winger's failed, deadly coup shows what happens when voting and elections are disregarded.

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Edward B. Foley, an election law expert at Ohio State University, said Democrats should consider narrow reforms that could gain bipartisan support, cautioning that moving too quickly on a broad bill runs the risk of putting off Republicans.

“It would seem to me at this moment in American history, a precarious moment, the right instinct should be a kind of bipartisanship to rebuild common ground as opposed to ‘Our side won, your side lost and we are off to the races,’” Foley said.

Why is it that that Democrats are the ones always being told they have to try for a kind of bipartisanship but never republicans? Also, I'm pretty damn sure the Mr. Edward B. Foley has an R behind his name, but we aren't told that information!

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This is such fertile grounds for conservative conspiracy theorists, which is all conservatives.

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A 2013 U.S. Supreme Court ruling set aside the method used to identify jurisdictions subject to the provision, known as preclearance, which was used to protect voting rights in places with a history of discrimination.

And, just by pure coincidence, this is exactly when Republican legislatures started to create hurdles to voting, and again, just by pure coincidence, it disproportionately hurt Democrats, especially minorities and the young.

“change the rules of American politics to benefit one party.”

McConnell openly laughed at the concept of having election day be a national holiday as he knew more Democrats would show up. They weren't changing to rules to benefit one party, they were changing the rules to even the playing field.

But the GOP has never and will never vote for an even playing field. They will continue to manufacture hurdles to voting by continuing the lie about widespread voter fraud to gain the support of their base for their anti-democracy positions.

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Is is important that voters have a confidence of the mail in ballot system.

Especially the methodology under-pinning  the verification process to secure mail ballots.

Fraud is rare, owing to the colossal undertaking and costs/organization to swing the result to the chosen party so difficult to prove.

Errors, human or system glitches within the mail system is another matter.

Mail Voting Litigation in 2020, Part IV: Verifying Mail Ballots

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Hmm, the Republicans just tried to overthrough the government and don't want any reforms either, and thus remains a threat to democracy

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Also unless the 14th amendment is executed, there will be no sense of consequence for their actions

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