Democrats to interview ousted State Department watchdog


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Whatever lies Pompeo and Barr tell themselves to be able to look in the mirror, it will not save them from the condemnation and disgrace that the nation will heap upon them in January, nor the infamy that American history will assign them in the years to come.

Their utter debasement of the legendary, incorruptible Department of Justice and the vaunted State Department -- once the diplomatic envy of the world -- is both craven and unforgivable. The damage they have done to the American ideal of impartial Justice and American prestige and influence abroad is incalculable.

Our allies and enemies alike laugh in horror at what has become of the United States.

We will not forget your official misdeeds, Pompeo and Barr, and the nation will find a way to punish you for your faithless oaths of office, and for your cowardice and treachery in the service of 327 million Americans you swore to protect, preserve and defend.

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but when Republicans want a hearing, its pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. conspiracy theory. cancel it.

"They have failed the American people by turning the institutions of the Senate into an extension of the President’s re-election campaign. ... [The] Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold yet another hearing, not on the pandemic, but on baseless conspiracy theories related to the 2016 election. Leader McConnell should instruct these committees to cancel these conspiracy hearings," Schumer added.

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but when Republicans want a hearing, its pandemic, pandemic, pandemic. conspiracy theory. cancel it.

Puts forth conspiracy theories as if they were confirmed reality for years.

Complains that people don't take conspiracy theories seriously.

You don't see the connection?

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