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Dennis Hopper dying of prostate cancer, says attorney


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And all of this is "news" because why? Am I missing something here? Don't think so...Must be a v-e-r-y s-l-o-w news day, huh, JT!

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Oh Wow!! This is such a horrible disease.

I'll pray for comfort. < :-)

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And all of this is "news" because why?

Because what is news to one person isn't to another.

Dennis Hopper is a legend movie actor who has appeared in many productions over a long period of time and is respected and loved by millions.

It is sad to hear he is engaged in a legal battle in the final stage of his life.

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Awww... DAMN! Hopper's one of my favourite.

sctaber56: Although he hasn't exactly been the star of the silver screen of late, and largely relegated to cameos or second rate villains in bad flicks, the man is a legend with a pretty long career. His most notable roll to me will always be in David Lynch's Blue Velvet, one of the 'most important' movies of the 80's.

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Kind of funny how life is. I haven't seen many of his movies, but he is one of those "name" actors that is always seems to be around and so I feel a connection with him of sorts. I hope his situation does improve.

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He's still on commercials for some investment company in the states. He looks good and the ads are pretty funny, must have been filmed a while ago. It's a shame no one should suffer through cancer like that, my great uncle passed the same way.

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I love Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet; awesome role.

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The man is a legend, actor, director and artist, shame his life should end like this.

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Damn, you just don't know what to say in a situation like this. There's no hope for recovery.



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A bit of a clarification - Like all of the above posters, I'm well aware of Mr. Hopper's tremendous acting career. He's certainly a riveting actor, always the one to watch in any scene. But, again, why is his current situation (albeit very tragic and sad) considered "news"?

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