Dennis Rodman: N Korea leader wants Obama to call


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“He loves basketball. ... I said Obama loves basketball. Let’s start there” as a way to warm up relations between the U.S. and North Korea, Rodman told ABC television’s “This Week” on Sunday. Hey, so now we are learning that Kim and Obama have something in common! Maybe, just maybe this can help bring around a new age of diplomacy and peace there on the Korean Peninsula! NMRK!

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Okay here is what little Kim should do while waiting for the call from Obama. HOLD YOUR BREATH. why would the leader. of the free world call the zero of the underworld. of course we have not heard from Rodman in a while. as they say, even bad press is still press.

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why would the leader. of the free world call the zero of the underworld

It's a bit sad to call the young one "zero". He has proven to be highly intelligent in school, and if a call from Obama will help improve the situation for everybody, he'll get his call.

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N Korea leader wants Obama to call

I wasn't aware that NK phones only receive calls.

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Saw Rodman make the comments on TV. He was very serious about what he was saying. So ... the ball has now been tossed over to Obama. Let's see how he handles it.

Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland, so he has had at least a glimpse of how the outside world works. Hopefully he liked what he saw ... and his thinking is leaning in that direction.

But, like his father before him, he has to kowtow to the powerful generals who oversee everything that is going on in North Korea. He still has to gain more power before he can overule them. But a direct connection with the top leader in the U.S. could be a step in the right direction in somehow convincing those generals that a more peaceful-minded North Korea could find a comfortable place in the world picture.

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Patrick Ventrell is a fool. here is a chance for the west to smooth out some pr and he had shut it down! everything has to start from somewhere and rodman made the first break through, good on ya dennis!

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So ... the ball has now been tossed over to Obama.

Although it would be wonderful if NK was serious. My question still stands. Why is Kim asking Obama to call him? Why doesn't he call Obama?

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Basketball diplomacy on the heels of pingpong diplomacy. Beats saber rattling.

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Though Rodman may be "far out there" there is a point to his trip. If the US would have sent him to Ottowa, Moscow, Beijing, etc, to meet with world leaders, then it would have been a failure. But as some have pointed out, Un went to school in Switzerland and is a huge basketball fan. Rodman maid more insight with him than the CEO of Google who just visited there, and after they paid a huge sum for the "visa" to get into NK, they didn't get to meet the leader. Even the State Dept said that the Google visit was "unhelpful" but have only issued a "No comment" on Rodman's visit.

It would be nice if Rodman would be able to bring up the issue of labor camps and other issues with NK, but he has made more headway than all of the other "smarter people" who seem to think that they know how best to run the world.

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N Korea leader wants Obama to call

Can we expect Rodman/Kim Jong Un doing a lip dub version of "Call Me Maybe" for Obama ?

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quite astonishing that a few posters here are not aware that Rodman is a wreck of a human being who has once again prostituted himself for a few more minutes in front of a camera and a chance to gain back some of the fortune he has pissed away. Once Rodman realizes no personal gain can be made from Kim, he will suddenly forget about world peace and move on to his next reality show.

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Had the same idea, tokyobakayaro-san; here are some suggested lyrics:

Hey, I just met you, And we're both crazy, But what's your number, So Obama will call you, maybe?

It's hard to look right 'Cause we're both mutants, But what's your number, So Obama will call you, maybe?

Hey, thanks for the gulag tour, but your Koryolink, at 75 Euros for registration and 400 euro/10G, available only to foreigners is a bit pricey, So Obama will call you, maybe?

And all the other genocidal maniacs - You make them look lazy! But what's your number, So Obama will call you, maybe?

(Okay, needs a little work.)

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why would anyone listen to an ignorant clown like Rodman? There are educated, intelligent people who deal with rogue states. Celebrities and sportspeople are not elected and have no place interfering.

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...and there goes the slavery card Dennis, you hypocrite.

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Obama should not waste his time calling North Korea. He should concentrate his efforts on his own government with what all is going on - government shutdown threats, etc. Anybody who appears on national television for an interview should have the decency to remove his sunglasses and not have pierced rings in every hole in his face. Dennis Rodman is a disgrace to the United States. "He [Kim] is awesome". Are you kidding me? Dennis Rodman should be handed a one-way ticket (at his own expense) to North Korea and should be stripped of his U.S. citizenship!

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Hoserfella is spot on. I met Mr. Rodman many times as I used to watch his dogs at a kennel/hospital during the ball season when he was with the Pistons. At that time he was a great guy who was well respected but the money and the fame went to his head which led to his demise. Hoserfella is right; when no reality TV is offered, when then attention stops, so will Rodman's interest in his new, best friend.

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Dennis is only in this for attention. Considering that time and time again the US and other countries have been sending aid and resources in return for Nork to stop developing towards nuclear weapons while Nork keeps taking that aid and ignoring the stipulations required to keep on receiving it shows that the only diplomacy that works is when both sides keep their promises. Aid was stopped and sanctions were placed when Nork stopped doing what they promised and went with provocative actions.

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The Un is not going to get a call from Obama - if he does the conversation will be about basketball and when is NK going back to the six party talks. NK has been demanding unilateral talks with the US for years but they aren't going to get them. If NK wants talks then they know where the rest of the concerned parties can be reached.

As far as Rodman is concerned, I agree that once the cameras are off he probably doesn't give a hoot about NK and world peace. Unless his angle is thinking he's going to get a Nobel peace prize. Given recent history that might happen....

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It's a bit sad to call the young one "zero". He has proven to be highly intelligent in school, and if a call from Obama will help improve the situation for everybody, he'll get his call

Hmmm highly intelligent makes all of the difference. if that be the case Hitler was highly educated, Stalin was highly educated. you cannot ignore the way he bows to no one but the daddy and grandpa. so I guess I was wrong he is less than ZERO. and Rodman is know as the worm that would make little Kim a slug.

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