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Designer drugs banned in New Zealand after outcry


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There is actually very little know about the pharmacology of these substances they mimic in terms of the absorption, distribution, metabolizing, and elimination or the psychomotor and physical effects of these drugs because there are no meaningful controlled studies involving these drugs that give definitive guidance as to what the expected affect is. Further unknown is at what results in terms of analytical chemistry will cause impediments and what effect chronic dosage and usage will have. Therefore what little research there has been has been wholly inconclusive and need to be more scrutinized and repeated.

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Good news, the stuff was really bad for people from what I read, if they want to get stoned then the real stuff should be used not some horrible cr@p like this.

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What's that? There are consequences for making bad choices? Say it ain't so! Remember if we just legalise everything, everybody will be happy in la-la-land where nobody ever suffers negative consequences from extremely poor choices. (Strong sarcasm)

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Not a lot of meat on the plate here, JT. All "drugs" are "synthetic." And no, marijuana is not a "drug," it's a plant, with proven medicinal value. The usual method is to include facts in stories.

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A law change effective Thursday will ban the sale and possession of all synthetic drugs.

What, like aspirin?

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Remember if we just legalise everything, everybody will be happy in la-la-land where nobody ever suffers negative consequences from extremely poor choices. (Strong sarcasm)

Rational people that support legalization don't think the decision will be free of consequences, just that it's the realistic solution for society to deal with substance abuse. And let's not forget that cannabis prohibition in particular has been a farce.

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The best way to put the lid on recreational designer drugs is to legalize the natural recreational drugs.

Government. Do gooders. Nibby noses. Butt out of our private lives.

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The land of the long, white cloud (of smoke!)

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@habidaccus & Goodchoice, ok, please inform me how well you've been able to deal with a relative or close friend that became a drug addict (if they're still alive). Those of us that have had to deal with such a situation know that legalization just means negative impacts far beyond just the "user".

As for legalizing cannabis? Well, it seems to have worked out pretty well here in Colorado. With all the people who consume too much of the stuff because, "if it's cooked like a brownie, cookie, or anything edible, I can eat as much as I want!" Before legalization for recreational use, I'd probably see an ambulance or emergency vehicle once in a pretty long while. Now since "420" was put in effect, I see and hear 3-4 sirens every day. Cases of detox and DUI are so high now due to over consumption of THC no matter how it gets in the body is so bad our state legislators are rushing to put measly little warnings to on how much a person should consume or attempt to get the stuff portioned into "safer" doses.

I'm just sayin' people were warned (over, and over, and over....again), and don't want to listen, so I'm just going to sit back and watch the city burn so to speak since fools never listen to common sense. So carry on, just don't be surprised if it doesn't come out how you expect it to be.

Smokers still smoke even with the little warnings on the side of a box of cigarettes tells them it causes cancer, severe health problems and they shouldn't be smoking around children. With the vapor cigs now available, the majority of smokers still use the old ones even if the vapor cigs are cheaper. Now apply this kind of behavior with "recreational" drugs and the blatant lack of self discipline and consideration of others amongst the majority of human beings in these so called "progressive" societies. The warnings can be there, but there will also be that same majority of arrogant, ignorant, inconsiderate users who will cause harm not just to themselves but those around them because they need a fix.

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I'm sorry if you have friends or family affected by drug abuse, but prohibition obviously didn't prevent it feom happening. More people will probably use it, especially in the period right after legalization, but it is abundantly clear that pot in particular is not as harmful as many once thought. It's less habit-forming than caffeine, and impossible to overdose on. Considerthat information, along with the toll in lives lost or destroyed, families broken, and money spent while trying toprevent people from doing something that they will do regardless of the legal status or harm it causes, as you say. You're basically reiterating my argument: there WILL be consequences, as I said, but less destructive than trying to stop people from using. So why bother, when we already have legal access to substances far more detrimental to society and the individual, and when pot actually may have health benefits?

Also not sure what to say about thw ambulances, but unless you have a log to confirm how many and why there are more, it's weak anecdotal data.

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