Despite attention on Aleppo, Syria aflame on several fronts


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In an urgent plea on Thursday, U.N. Special Envoy Staffan De Mistura proposed evacuating the estimated 900 al-Qaida-linked fighters holed up in the east in exchange for an end to the Russian and government bombardment.

900 al Qaida guys!

How can the world tolerate this?

I thought that after 9/11 the US government said that they would consider anyone who harbors a terrorist to be a target as well.

Yet this al Qaida army is tolerated if not supported by the Pentagon.

Outrageous disrespect for the victims of 9/11.

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Assad is trying to rid his country of terrorism! How is it that the US is bombing Syrian soldiers? On 17th September 62 Syrian soldiers were killed by US air strikes! Efforts at a ceasefire are being scuppers by outside aggression Ban Ki-Moon should focus on those countries aiding and abetting conflict in Syria Syria needs defending from the Americans because something is very wrong!

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@kurisupisu Yes you are correct!!

we are looking at a world war soon, and America thinks they got it in the bag.

F-22 will be fried "all" electronics. Russia has good electronics that will fry the F-22.

America has my reloading system in them jet's. It works like a car's electric windows. Once hit with EMP the window motor still goes up and down. All they have done is shifted all components to big board that get's pushed out and reloaded. Once zapped it reloads as it is a component that stops it from pushing in and the car window motor is always on push up/in. Once zapped it reloads new chips/components.

A small cloud of fertiliser will make them F-22 jet's have 15 meter afterburners. Russian jet's can have micro clip on tanks and dog fight them forcing them to not come up on them.

Small diving speed boats will by-pass laser weapons and all lock on rounds now 2. These boats have front sucking jets with flaps that rip it under water for 5 - 10 seconds. That stop there lock-on weapons from working and will crush them at sea. Big ships pre drop off fuel for the boats 2. float up air-bags brings it up.

So you see they can try stop the terrorist, but America are the terrorist. Russia will take them out.

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Apparently Aleppo won't exist after Christmas. A whole city levelled by the Russians. They must really want that foreign naval base.


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Apparently Aleppo won't exist after Christmas. A whole city levelled by the Russians. They must really want that foreign naval base. Barbaric.

Spot on!

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@Madverts that's a joke!!

Did the American Rebels hold hostage 200 rights worker? YES

Did the American Rebels behead kids? YES

America is supporting terrorist and please do reply?????????????

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. A whole city levelled by the Russians. They must really want that foreign naval base.

And yet total silence regarding the 'accidental' killing of the Syrian soldiers. I guess in your book that's not barbaric huh?

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Thanks a lot, Obama and Clinton, thanks a lot.

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Worry not, Aleppo will survive.

Hiroshima, Dresden and Fallujah were all rebuilt.

Once al Qaida is wiped out the people of Aleppo will start over and begin to live normal lives again.

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Any unapproved aircraft in Syrian airspace will be shot down. (Syria already has shot down an Israeli aircraft and drone)

It will only be a matter of time before iSiS, Al-Qaeda, Al-CIAeda, "McCain's Army" in Aleppo falls since John Kerry/CIA/Obama cannot get much needed supplies to their "rebels"/"moderates". Should have been over months ago. This article wants to take the heat off of Aleppo, but in reality the "rebels/moderates" in Aleppo are trapped.

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It looks like ethnic cleansing. Scary to think about what will happen if the people in Aleppo raise the white flag while the Assad & Putin forces march in to this shattered city under the black flag.

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It looks like ethnic cleansing.

It is

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