Despite Obama's promises, NSA breached privacy rules


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Much more comprehensive article on BBC. The difference is quite surprising.

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US presidents are merely elected to serve the needs of the shadow government run by the NSA, military and wall street bankers....its not surprising that anything he promised wasn't fulfilled....

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Quelle surprise!

Thanks for the link, SuperLib.

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Obviously (despite Obama's lies denying it), since we know from recent Snowden Leaks that the DEA and NSA have already hacked all of the iPhones (and other mobile phones on the market) to illegally listen in on American's conversations...we can assume that the NSA also worked closely with Apple in advance of launch on this iPhone-5S to ensure that the millions of customers worldwide who embed their fingerprints into their iPhones are helping the NSA and Interpol to build a jumbo, international Fingerprint Library matched to their Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers. If all OEM Manufacturers of Mobile Handsets go down this same technology path, then we can assume that all Telephone companies will be extorted (or bribed) by the U.S. Government to sell their Fingerprint meta-data registries to the DEA/NSA. Since almost everyone on Earth now uses mobile phones, instead of this NSA day-by-day covert program-creep with Fingerprinting everyone via their phones, why not just do like Hitler tried and stamp bar-codes on our arms so we can jump straight to the inevitable surrender of all our Constitutional Right to Privacy and Constitutional Right to protection against Self-Incrimination? The fools that inlay/embed their Fingerprints into these new iPhone-5S handsets will have no one to blame but themselves.

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