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Devastated Afghan girls leave school hours after reopening

By Aysha Safi

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No society can survive in our global economy world without the full participation of its women. The benighted Taliban are heading straight for the dustbin of history while Afghan women thirsting for education and knowledge wait impatiently for their day in the sun that may yet come sooner than their men imagine.

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Devastated Afghan girls leave school hours after reopening:

That was to be expected.

Afghan girls' hope have been totally smashed, they were deceived..

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Thank you America for creating yet another mess in the world! It was the dumb ass Trump that signed the agreement with the Taliban ( even invited them to camp Davis ) and another idiot Biden who implemented Trumps plan!

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Every Afghan woman should pack up & leave the country.

See how the male chauvinist Taliban plan to survive then.

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To a point.

The main problem here is that there are too many people who are still in thrall to books which contain many ideas that have no place in the 21st century.

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This is why I said that the Taliban have to prove themselves for quite a long time to show themselves capable of governing properly. They couldn't even last a couple of months... Love the lip service to try and get financial aid, but it was only lip service. How well are the Afghan hospitals functioning and being maintained? Got those ISIS invaders under control yet or still suffering from attacks? Farms and food distribution ok? The Taliban only care about one thing and one thing only. POWER, and they're willing to hide behind "religion" to control and have POWER over others. It has never been about Islamic doctrine, it has been about POWER... supported by Islamic ideals.

China, feel free to help this one... but it isn't going to end the way you think it will. Buddhism is the state accepted religion in by the CCP... and the Taliban don't like "infidels" of other belief systems in their territory. Throw some more yuan their way and watch it sink into nothingness.

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This is straight from their twisted interpretations of the Quran and their concepts of what the hadiths say about the place of women.

The Taliban lie to everyone - their female subjects, the international community (do you not remember them demanding billions of Euros in aid last Autumn with stories that over a million would perish this past winter if they didn't get it? Well, they didn't get it, and there was no widespread starvation. The children in these pictures look pretty healthy for such a winter.)

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This is straight from their twisted interpretations of the Quran and their concepts of what the hadiths say about the place of women.

I’ve read the Koran.

I must have missed or forgotten the parts where it promoted equality for women.

To be fair, I read Mohammed was quite progressive for his time regarding the treatment of women, but it was the 7th century.

7th century ideas regarding the treatment of women are the best guide in the 21st century.

The Taliban aren’t doing the twisting here. They have the texts on their side.

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*are not the best guide

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