Devastation as California fire death toll rises


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Unparalleled disaster. Hundreds are still missing, and confirming whether they're buried under debris or in evacuation will take weeks. Sadly, this is the new normal for California.

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California now has 40 million people, even with people leaving the state. Compare that with 3.4 million 100 years ago. We have completely devastated the original habitat cycles and climate chaos has thrown fuel on the fire. There are simply too many people living in fire prone areas....isn't it time we all started talking about this and accepting that the planet has limits to how much abuse it can stand?

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Poor celebrities.

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Forest fires and California have been in the forefront for decades. The governor really has one job, to protect the citizens, not build trophy infrastructure like high-speed trains to nowhere. Apparently there has been little progress in the pre-fire preparation in the Enviro state under this Governor.

The media is more concerned about Trump than hearing from Brown as to why his state keeps going up in flames. If Trump were CA’s governor the media would be roasting him on why he mismanaged his state. 

 It is long overdue to deal with these things that have been stuffed under the rug - especially when the rug catches fire.

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I remember when the rainy season here in South Cal began before Halloween, in October. Now we don't get much rain until January, and Novembers have turned into Fire Storm months, instead of wet months.

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Poor celebrities.

There are hundreds dead and all you can think of is a swipe at some celebrities?

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I also grew up there and experienced many earthquakes, fires, winter and spring rain storms that brought flooding and mud/rock slides especially if there’d been a fire in the summer/fall, damage to coastal sections from storms with high waves. But fire season was pretty much confined to August/September. Now it goes even to late November, and December, and frankly I don’t think I’d rest easy about fires at any time of the year these days.

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