Differences over Iran, settlements mar Netanyahu-Obama talks


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You don't like it Isreal? YOU bomb them. Why the US has to listen to these weaklings is beyond me.

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Israel says it reserves the right to take military action against Iran’s nuclear program if a deal is not reached to dismantle it.

In other words, Israel says it reserves the right to go to attack another sovereign nation if a deal is not reached to dismantle it's nuclear program. This would probably bring in all the other nearby Arabic nations friendly with Iran and that would then bring in the friendly nations of Israel .... oh dear, we seem to have stumbled on someone saying they reserve the right to start WW3...

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If Israel is allowed its charade of "nuclear opacity," can the rest of the world have Netanyahu opacity, where we refuse to acknowledge his existence?

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Netanyahu the warmonger at it again.

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At least Netanyahu cares about his country and understand the threat of the Iranians. Unlike that clown we have in the White House now for at least another 840 days left to go.

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