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Disgraced U.S. football star O.J. Simpson to be released from prison

By Jason Bean

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The OJ story kind of pains me still. Whether or not he really murdered his ex-wife and her friend, he was found not guilty in court. Probably in large due to the LAPD messing thing up. But still, he was found not guilty. So how then can you be found 'liable for their deaths'?? (no mention of the word guilty or murder) And that smacked more about the money as he had to pay $33.5M damages?? Surely if it was about the crime he would have received life in jail and it would not have been about the families receiving such a huge payout.

a verdict that was greeted with disbelief by many Americans.

Maybe for many Americans. But if you followed the trial and the evidence presented all they had going on him was the car chase.

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The sentence he got for this crime was insane and I think I remember reading it was one of the highest ever for a first-time offender. People have just been trying to get him after the murder case, even though this latest charge was unrelated to it. I don't care either way about the guy but the way this was handled seemed really disgraceful.

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Agree Madden. A lot of public prosecutors and law enforcement divisions went after him after his not guilty in LA. I don't disagree with the armed robbery sentence, but he was obviously desperate trying to pay back $33.5M for the private prosecution. I still believe that he may have murdered (or ordered the hit on) his ex-wife and her friend, but not guilty should be not guilty until proven.

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O.J.'s a basket case. After the trial was over and he was found not guilty, just to rub salt in the fresh emotional wounds of the victims' families, he wrote that crazy book "If I Did It". The book should've been re-titled "How I Did It". Oh, yeah, O.J.'ll be locked up again . . . maybe he even likes it more there than on the outside and deep down inside he wants to be punished.

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just to rub salt in the fresh emotional wounds of the victims' families

The $33.5M "private prosecution" tells a rather different story.

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$33.5M for freedom is heaven compared to what the rest of O.J.'s life would've been like in a maximum security prison. That O.J.'s one lucky guy! He got away with murder.

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The reason OJ owes money, is because he was found guilty of "wrongful death". This is a civil matter. The legal requirements for which , are not as strict. Despite "slipping the noose"for murder, he will never be able to go through an airport without someone shouting "Murderer!".

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The Public will probably never know who committed the Murders of Brown-Simpson and Goldman!

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There is probably a lower burden of proof in the civil case where he was found liable. As such, you get a ridiculous outcome like this. It is crazy that he can be found innocent of the murder but held monetarily liable. Innocence of the crime should be a bar to any civil liability... But it is not. Stupid, vindictive end-run around the criminal system. Dura lex, sed lex. Until it gets changed.

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