Disney, Hong Kong reach $465 mln expansion deal


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Disney boosting mutual rise in US economic ship and HK economic ship,with this 465,000,000 USD, expansion jobs.

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forget the new attractions just build the new empty car parks and rent them out to the local drifting community..i don't mean the homeless.

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Yet another example of a large sum of money going to the wrong places in this recession. Who are all the people that are going to be able to come enjoy these new expansions? Last time I checked, Disney wasn't lowering its daily prices for visitors. So this expansion stuff may create a few jobs, but if no one will be able to afford to come (or be willing to part with money that they'd rather save or spend on something more useful), that's a mighty small benefit when you look at that price tag for expansion.

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"struggling Disneyland"

Things are tough all over.

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They once said that HK Disneyland could put an end to the success of Tokyo Disneyland.

By taking away tourists from mainland China and other asian countries.

Guess not.

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I bet Ronald Mcdoald is laughing in the background...

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In good economic times, this would make sense. As Sarge said, "things are tough all over." What is going through the heads of the people approving these giant price-tagged projects that will do little to nothing to helping out the current economic state we're all living in?

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Mardof scandal 2

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I don't care how much smaller Hong Kong Disney Land is compared to Tokyo (as the Japanese constantly like to remind you). Both times I went there (at the behest of my date) I never had to wait in any lines beyond 20 minutes, could ride all the attractions, and it was fine. The ONE time I went to Tokyo Disney (and I REFUSE to go again) I had to wait one hour FOR POPCORN!

Anyway, my point is only that despite it's small size and lack of attractions, it's not that bad a place to go if you're in Hong Kong. I'd rather fly to Hong Kong to go there than go to Tokyo for Disney Land or Sea -- and it's probably cheaper to do so. We'll see how that changes with the new plans -- hopefully not for the worse.

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I went to disneysea last week. it was 1,000yen off for 2nd half of June, longest wait for anything was 15 minutes. didnt see anyone urinating in public unlike HK disneyland

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didnt see anyone urinating in public unlike HK disneyland

Did you mean for this to be a plus or a minus for HK Disneyland?

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fatfrenchfool: "I went to disneysea last week. it was 1,000yen off for 2nd half of June, longest wait for anything was 15 minutes. didnt see anyone urinating in public unlike HK disneyland"

Guess I went on the wrong day, then -- to Tokyo, that is -- although my guess is that it's the wrong day 90% of the year.

As for the urinating, I never saw anything of the kind in Hong Kong, and the only difference is that someone might actually say something there, as opposed to if it happened in Tokyo. I DID see a person or two spit in Hong Kong Disney, but I saw a couple do that in Tokyo, too.

Anyway, hope the money improves things, as I said.

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