Disney installs gator warnings, barriers after boy's death


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Horrible.. why would you interfere with nature like that.. let alligators live in peace!

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Horrible.. why would you interfere with nature like that..

Ridiculous. So, you keep your doors and windows of your home open 24/7 365 days a year? You do not use heat or air conditioning? You do not use any transportation beyond your own two feet? I am sure you interfere with nature every day at your own convenience.

As to this problem specifically, Disney is fully and knowledgably responsible. This is not the first incident of alligators on their beach resort areas of their own man-made water bodies. They set up beach chairs, cabana umbrellas and even go as far as showing movies on the shores of their man-made water bodies, assuring families with small children will be on those shores.

Visitors to their facilities expect and have a right to expect a safe environment for their children. Disney first and foremost sell themselves as the Magic Kingdom for children. It is about time that they took serious action to prevent this from happening again. There is no reason the area could not be enclosed.

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Horrible.. why would you interfere with nature like that.. let alligators live in peace!

Nothing around Disney World is natural, the lake where the boy was killed was man made. There is no excuse to permit alligators to inhabit a pond or lake in an area where children are likely to play. And you needn't enter the water, alligators can run on land faster than many people.

Disney is going to pay for this incident, and pay big. I imagine the manager of the Grand Floridian Hotel will now be lucky if they let him manage the Cinderella motel next to Disneyland. There have to be at least a hundred lawyers right now stabbing each other in the back so as to be able to sign up this case, because it will make them rich for life.

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I am from Florida and know that gators hunt at the water's edge, and I have seen them on many occasions in lakes and rivers, however, I would never expect that I would be in danger at a Disney resort near the water as one would assume that such obvious dangers would be handled and thoroughly mitigated. A true tragedy and loss of a wonderful life for the young boy.

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Horrible.. why would you interfere with nature like that.. let alligators live in peace!

Nowhere near as horrific as a 2 year old being dragged into a lake by an alligator. Let 2 year old human children live in peace. If you care more about alligators try living in the lake alongside them.

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Any body of fresh water is at risk of having an alligator. They are occasionally found in personal swimming pools in the morning. They can be culled but it could be a daily job. Warnings educate, that's all that's needed. Education.

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I It created warning signs. That include snake. Temp.becomes higher than 100 degrees in the morning and until sunset up and up. Air con is an option to cool down. But cost too much if you have to keep air con full blst for 100 days,

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I can't imagine the lawyers falling over themselves to court this poor family right now while they are grieving. It's a horrible, horrible thing to have happened and my heart goes out to that poor family. You wouldn't believe the number of people here in the US declaring they are negligent parents! There were NO warning signs, they were from Nebraska where - correct me if I'm wrong - there is not a big alligator problem, the father was right by the son the whole time, but even he was so match for a 5-7ft (they estimate) alligator.

I agree. Disney is going to have to pay very big for this. However, there is no money in the world that would be preferable to having their little boy back.

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I don't now how Disney World will operate in Shanghai, but it is supposed to have two in China.

If American bases were cl,osed in Japan, Disneyland had plan but China came first. Mickey and Mini mouse beside Pinocchio? Whereever,resideents have better income in the world, mousse follow.

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It's a bit late for that now. Why did Disney create a beach next to an alligator-infested lake?

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