Donald Trump calls Bill Clinton a 'great abuser'


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Looks like the bubble is training it's members to believe that Clinton will be walked into jail any day now. Gotta hope, I suppose.

And this coming from the crowd that thought Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld would be brought up on any fictitious charges.

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the best prison pantsuits

Prison pantsuits?

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In a New Year’s address devoted to the impact of the refugee crisis, Merkel said coping with migration will cost Germany “time, effort and money,” according to prepared remarks provided by her office on Thursday. If handled right, the challenges of today will be the opportunities of tomorrow, she said.

This is a New Years speech delivered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday. Please compare this to Trump's speeches that are filled with fear, hate and anger. What happen to our ultimate value in the land of melting pot?

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Looks like the bubble is training it's members to believe that Clinton will be walked into jail any day now. Gotta hope, I suppose.

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I've talked to Hillary, and she says she will issue you a full pardon when she gets in.

Forget the pardon, she should save her money to buy the best prison pantsuits she can afford.

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I've talked to Hillary, and she says she will issue you a full pardon when she gets in.

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Why don't you tell us? You're the seasoned journalist

Thanks! I already know why, I was just asking y'all liberals that question.

Ain't you in for a surprise.

So you're saying, either Trump or Hillary will win, well that just sucks now!

Bill Clinton was also one of the most gifted politicians of his generation

Whoa, gifted as in how? In what regard are we talking about? He was a pretty much 2nd term bipartisan president. Wasn't so much of a bomb thrower, kept the peace for the most part between the two parties, but as a womanizer, depending on who you are asking, he probably did have some extraordinary talent. .

I think I'd take Bill Clinton.


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A case of "the pot calling the kettle black" !

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@Farmboy...what makes you think the NRC hasn't been trying to oust him already? Follow the money trail, it's on Bush! He is in the tanks yet follow the money trail.

Same goes for the DNC, Sanders hasn't a chance. He gets minimal televised coverage and the debates are buried in rations due to time slots by design, to protect Hillary.

US politics are dirty and for that reason I have wanted an outsider for years in office. Not Trump though.

In 2008 when Obama was elected, whom I did not vote for, I had some hope as he ran on " hope and change" which turned out to be we need hope and change in 2016 and nearly $12 trillion in more debt later. We have more racial tension today than we had 7 years ago, we have China and Russia snubbing their nose at USA and we have ISIS which was supported and allowed to fester in the ME which after the Paris attacks his administration finally started an effort to destroy them. Those shovel ready jobs turned out to be "do you want the biggie size" type jobs as we saw record profits in corporations. More people on welfare and collectin social security disability benefits. Then the Obamacare disaster which is self imploding and is costing taxpayers plenty! USA cannot continue on this path if we are to remain a top teir nation.

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I have received a message from Google today if I want to use a filter to remove all Trump's junk mails. I guess many decent American voters are very sick and tired of him. Also there is an interesting article where to move and live if Trump becomes US President. They are Swiss, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany. Japan was not even mentioned on the list. .Also there is another interesting story how world economy will treat him and US citizens. It is not very good at all.

Bottom line, I have been very quiet for months about this idiot, but I will work very hard in my state making sure he will not be elected. I worked very hard when Obama was running for Presidency. You will see.

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[ Cheryl M. Pace I hope to see a female president of the U.S. in my lifetime...just not sellout Hillary. · Reply · Likes 1,390 · 19 hrs ]

"The Hillary Rodham Clinton that enters Tuesday’s kickoff Democratic presidential campaign looks markedly different from the one that ran for president in 2008, as she chases the liberal voters that have come to dominate her party’s nomination process with a leftward drift.

The last time Mrs. Clinton took the stage for a presidential debate, she was against same sex-marriage, a supporter of the Second Amendment, stood behind her Iraq War vote and was opposed to states issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Flash forward to Tuesday in Las Vegas, and Mrs. Clinton enters as a backer of same-sex couples, a supporter of tighter federal gun control measures, has admitted her vote for the Iraq War was a “mistake” and is an advocate for illegal immigrations."

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The really interesting part will be when the Republican committee decides that Trump can't be their candidate.

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Donald Trump calls Bill Clinton a 'great abuser'

I agree.

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So, Bill Clinton and Trump are philanderers. Everyone has their weak points. Bill Clinton was also one of the most gifted politicians of his generation and is still a major presence on the world stage. Trump is at the level of a monster truck show winding up yokels who have even more ridiculous hairdos than he has.

I think I'd take Bill Clinton.

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Happy 2016, plastic! Catching up on the news while watching Kohaku and waiting for my mates when I came across an interesting point Kevin Drum made about Trump's apparent lack of friends. Perhaps he compensates by increasing his number of wives.

Hillary will most certainly be POTUS for at least the next four years. How some will handle this will be fascinating to watch.

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So then if Hillary is unelectable and Trump and Sanders equally as well, who could win the White House?

Why don't you tell us? You're the seasoned journalist.

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Every day Trump is in the news for being, well, Trump, is another nail in the coffin for GOP chances come next fall.

So then if Hillary is unelectable and Trump and Sanders equally as well, who could win the White House?

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Trump is no racist. He just plays one on TV.....

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Trump being Trump.

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I would prefer a rehash of the 80s...

That Trump's attacks have extended to family members - normally taboo, but Bill is a husband, not a wife, and Trump's type of "class" is well-known - is sad as it is so very irrelevant. Still, Serrano, if you'd like to take a walk down memory lane of spousal indiscretions in the '80s, you'd have to look at the chaos Ronnie's second wife, Nancy, wreaked by her (very non-Christian) adherence to astrology.

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clown, curtain down please

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he is not anymore racist than most of us.

Seriously? (rolls eyes)

Don't you dare to presume to lump me, my friends, my family, or any of the people I regularly associate with in with this obnoxious, opportunistic, megalomaniacal windbag.

No, the average American, including the some 60% of the electorate who would vote resoundingly not for Trump in 2016 are nowhere near the racist, misogynistic jerk Trump seems hell-bent to prove that he is.

For Pete's sake, the man has a meltdown at the slightest suggestion that a woman might have the need to urinate. Are you sayng you're also part and parcel to that particularly basket o'crazy too?

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"one of the greatest abusers in the world". I would have thought that would be Hitler, for example. Trump only seems to grasp sex.

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YAWN,Mr.Trump is the great abuser of the spotlight and needs to leave it right about now!

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If I was Trump, I would focus more on the fact that Pres. Clinton lied under oath. Clinton could have defused the whole mess and stopped it dead in its tracks had he just said, "Well, Monica raised her skirt and she's much hotter than my wife, so, hey, why the heck not?!"

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"Just what America demands: a rehash of the 90s! "

I would prefer a rehash of the 80s...

Bill Clinton a great abuser? I dunnobout that, but he was a great embarrassment.

"Hillary Clinton said in interviews at the time that she wished Lewinsky “well”

I doubt that.

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"I'm not a Trump supporter but . . .. .."

Is this code for: "I'm a Trump supporter but . . .. .."

Either way, if yer a supporter there's plenty of baggage.

Enjoy! And a Happy New Year!

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So the impeachment was "nonsense" but now Bill Clinton is a "great abuser". Makes me wonder how serious Trump is about anything else he says.

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Trump = an embarrassment to the entire human race!

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While I've never committed adultery (and neither has my wife, to my knowledge), our relationship over a quarter century has experienced its share of stresses, some which at the time seemed insurmountable, yet here we are, still married and happy (relieved? grateful?) about it. Respect for your partner, compassion for their weaknesses (and hope that you will receive the same), and an eye on what is truly important in the long-term are what is required, at least from my experience.

As a child of divorced parents myself, I understand that there are those who are truly incompatible, yet those who treat something so important as a marriage commitment do not earn my trust. Bill made a grave mistake, and how he reconciled with Hillary is their own business, but the fact that they have deserves respect. Trump is the antithesis.

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I'm not a Trump supporter but both Bill and Hillary Clinton are terrible people and it would be hard for Trump to say any thing nasty about them that wasn't in some way true. It is very easy to check that with a short study of the Clintons involvement of all sorts of activities including CIA drug running, and the blatant lies they have both told.

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Trump is destined to share the same political fate as Barry Goldwater and George Wallace. That said, he has significantly raised the bar on unintentional self-parody these past few months, something the other GOP candidates should thank him for.

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It was said so clearly a day ago by a news reporter. If Bill Clinton were to do the same thing in an American corporation he would have been fired. Hillary started with her subtle jabs at Trump. Hillary was playing the gender card. Trump feels comfortably in the lead in the GOP so now onto the election competition.

Trump is no moron, he has a plan and like it or not it's been fruitful thus far. I will say he may be many things but he is not anymore racist than most of us. He finds the sensitive subjects and plays the game. The majority of US citizens DO want a secure border. Race is not the motivation either.

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I really can't wait to read the posts here on Wednesday morning, November 9, 2016 when all you Hillarybots will be weeping in unison and so traumatized that your Queen was not Coronated...LOL

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interesting comments from a man who in 2008 was calling the Clintons some of the best people he knew and that he was honoured to count them amongst his best friends....

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mentality of a 13 year old brat.

Think Chatsworth Osborne Jr. grown old after having used steroids for 60 years.

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It never ceases to amaze me the media attention paid to a nearly 70 year old man with the mentality of a 13 year old brat.

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Worst part?

Trump plays his fanboys.

Trump is exiting already, leaving the racists to hold his baggage.

Nice play. Trump, incompetent; is to: fanboys, racist.

What is this dolt still holding up? Molly Ringwald's panties?

Trump: "when age and wealth mate with bigotry and a messiah complex"

sad, actually.

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a rehash of the 90s!

Set the wayback machine farther back, Sherman. What the Trumpenproletariat want is a return to the 1950's, back to the days when the white nationalists reigned supreme and the US myths were still believed. Remember, these are people for whom the word 'progressive' is derogatory.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sought to assail Democrat Hillary Clinton on Wednesday by calling her husband, former President Bill Clinton, “one of the great abusers of the world.”

When does a political campaign become an intervention?

Soon? Think of the family, my goodness.

Mr. Trump, in the end, have you no decency?

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Just what America demands: a rehash of the 90s!

Every day Trump is in the news for being, well, Trump, is another nail in the coffin for GOP chances come next fall.

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