Donors help reopen axed Australian climate watchdog


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Who wrote this biased rubbish? Australia now leads the way in abandoning the Marxist/Environmentalist "crap" as Tony Abbott rightly called it, the no discredited theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Tim Flannery is a failed entity, as is his now defunct Climate Commission.the scam has gone on long enough, the "disinformation" came from him and his fellow Junk Scientists. Shame on the writer of this article for such a biased, ind sided viewpoint, propagating and promoting the nonsense about "global warming". There has been NO global warming since 1997, and we are now in a prolonged period if global cooling. The demonisation of CO2 and fossil fuels has got to stop, and the evil agenda of the Red environmentalists has to be nipped in the bud. Congratulations, Australia, on electing Tony Abbott and getting rid of Labour and their insane energy policies, based on lies.

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" …resurrected Tuesday as a non-profit body funded by public donations." Better left dead, but at least now it's no longer tax funded. Such things should rightly be funded by donations anyway, like any other cult.

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Tim Flannery was the guy who said “even the rain that falls will not fill up the dams” in 2007.

Everyone will get upset if they were sack from $ 180,000 + expense part time job position. The problem with Tim Flannery is everything he predicts was wrong. Now we Victorians have to pay more on water because of useless $ 5.7 Billions Desalination Plant. We have more rain and our Dams are full with filling by rain since he predicted. Brainless 4 Labor states Governments were conned by Tim Flannery's climate change prediction and rushed to build desalination plants and now these desalination plants are useless in all states.

Most of all Tim Flannery Climate Commission Chairman job is absolutely joke and waste of Tax payers’ money $ 5.4 millions. Everyone can go on Google and find about Climate change information which Tim Flannery and Australian Climate Commission published. They are not researcher and they just copy the fact from other researchers for their climate change information. Everyone who complaint about dismissing Climate Commission should Google for further information about global warming and related climate change news. It’s free for everyone and no tax payers’ money were used.

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