39 people missing after boat capsizes off Florida


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Godspeed” to those leading rescue efforts. Hypothermia, fast ocean currents and heavily-infested areas of sharks throughout the Bahamas are all detriments to any possible survivors of the capsized vessel. God be with those lost souls.

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If this was a “suspected human smuggling venture”, more than likely, the profiteers endangering the lives of those seeking a life of freedom in the U.S. may never be identified and brought to justice by the other governments & authorities looking passed (possibly profiting themselves) from such clandestine activities.

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Correction to @11:20am: “…*pass***…” was typed but “… passed** …” posted for some unknown reason. - Regards.

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39 people missing after boat capsizes off Florida:

Human trafficking? It is one of the worst crimes against humanity, yet it goes on and on everywhere.


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