Driver plows into pedestrians in France's 2nd 'Allahu Akbar' attack


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This is no surprise, I read a week or so ago, there has been a HIGH EXPECTATION of terrorism attacks expected in France for at least a few MONTHS now. " Let the GAMES Begin ". Time to take your head OUT of the Sand.

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"God is great and I am an idiot!"

IS is bringing out the lurkers and giving them a moment in the spotlight.

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No surprise there. Instant jihad incidents are increasing all over the Western world... only the media try to obfuscate them. Which is in this case was a bit difficult.

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This does not make Islam look good...

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There is no god.

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Serrano: Can you name something that does?

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Man "Allah Akkuba" Police " I know, but you're not." BANG

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