Driver walkout halts trains in UK as strike wave spreads


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Riots in Britain by the end of the year.

Won't be such a great country any more.

Feel sorry for the average Brit but they've allowed their country go down the toilet.

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Exactly as bucha says.

What kind of idiots have a transportation network in their country where there is zero relationship between management and its workers and they hate each other. Where management use profits to pay dividends instead of infrastructure investment and where the unions hold commuters to ransom in order to demand pay rises.

Maybe the same kind of idiots who voted to kick the Europeans out and then saw 1 million workers leave the U.K causing staffing mayhem in restaurants, shops and airports. And then turn refugees away despite the glaringly obvious opportunity to fill those menial jobs with arriving refugees.

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Britain was one of the best places to live for most of the last seven decades. Brexit Britain is now a toilet.

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UK inflation has hit a 40-year high of 9.4%, and the Bank of England says it could rise to 13% amid a recession later this year. The average UK household fuel bill has risen more than 50% so far in 2022 as the war in Ukraine squeezes global oil and natural gas supplies. Another increase is due in October, when the average bill is forecast to hit 3,500 pounds ($4,300) a year.

Agree with the above posters. The "Brexit dividend" is going to be hard to afford.

Winter of discontent II coming soon...

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Brexit was merely a a bystander, in many respects an irrelevance.

The real damage, was caused by a pandemic that shut the UK economy down sector by sector.

Timeline of UK government coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions

No hiding places here.

The rail industry networks required a £16billon taxpayer bailout just to prevent a devastating collapse.

The covid pandemic also exposed the toxic employment practices of Eastern European based agencies offering the UK hospitality/agricultural sectors employees on fake self employment piece work, zero/pattern hours devoid of UK employment law protection.

When covid struct all were just left high and dry having no choice but to return to there home countries.

Then to add insult to injury, a war in Ukraine, a cost of living crisis, rampant inflation.

The rail industry needs industrial strike action like a hole in the head.

Lost vital revenue could well become the final nail in the coffin of the sector.

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rocknroll, Brexit an irrelevance?! We may as well believe the right wing lies from Johnson and Rees-Mogg than read your post. You are completely repeating the Ukraine/ refugees/ Covid-excuses for the current economic collapse.

Approximately 1 million rent-paying/ tax-paying/ consumerism-producing workers left the U.K due to a combination of, yes Covid, and Brexit. The UK is shipping refugees off to Africa instead of utilising them to fill the menial jobs that support the infrastructure.

Boris Johnson kept using 'war in Ukraine' as a deflection from his own failures and lies. THE UK IS NOT AT WAR IN UKRAINE. The UK is merely providing arms (for which there will be a future bill for Ukraine to pay).

The rail industry continues to payout huge dividends, salaries and bonuses instead of freezing them and reinvesting in recruitment.

Your post is another right wing hack attempting to excuse the current Brexit-related collapse of the UK economy and infrastructure.

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TigersTokyoDome, My family in the UK built a agricultural land business from scratch, with the help of pickers from Rumania and Spain long before Great Britain joined the then EEC. There loyally made sure that business thrived.

Many of these workers became UK citizens. The farming business supported there applications, there families, with direct employment.

When Covid struck the business stalled for a prolonged period of time that the bank could not provide further support without these employees being furloughed.

My family came that close to losing everything.

I chose not to be part the family farming business, not remotely green fingered.

Mine was a different path, in economics and finance, firstly within city of London institutions, then my own business. suffice to say personal wealth and prosperity followed.

When covid presented the prospect of destitution for the family, I financed the farming business recovery. My property portfolio sold, and savings, all my investments.

I would have sold the business if I could.

None of this was connected to Brexit. I could jump on the bandwagon and blame UK leaving the EU, the CAP subsidies were not to sniffed at.

You know, TigersTokyoDome with the big money gone, made me a better person. That something money cannot buy.

Right or left wing whatever that actually means.

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The critical shortage of NHS doctors, airport workers, restaurant waiters, shop assistants, and bartenders with around 1 million workers leaving after Brexit is in no way attributed to illegal hires. Absolutely no way. That's just another pro-Brexit excuse.

Look at the state of the economic figures. They don't lie and they come from the ONS. Export figures are a disgrace. Look at the roadblocks with goods attempting to get out of our ports.

Even if the 'illegal staffing' was true (it is miniscule and the same scale as any other country) - isn't that an admission by the conservatives that large parts of the blue collar infrastructure of the UK has been employed illegally on their own government watch? What an admission.

Brexit was an abject failure, caused by an illiterate electorate waving their union jack flags. They're all in hiding now. Hiding inside their property-boom homes and about to retire without giving a damn about their grandchildren's futures. Brexit cost hundreds of millions of pounds and will continue to do so in economic damage.

Here's a question - where are the great leaders of Brexit now? Farage has disappeared off the face of the earth. May was sacked by her own party and Johnson sacked and missing in action. The great leaders who attacked Brussels.

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