Dutch arrest 30 Greenpeace activists blocking Russian tanker


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Marxist Environmentalism at work, for all the world to see. What started as a genuine environmental movement has now become totally politicised and is becoming more and more insane every day. Along with other "environmental" (sic) groups, it has jumped on the "man made global warming scam, because they know there are big bucks to be made with it. This is all about money, Marxism disguised as environmentalism and nothing to do with real science or protecting the environment.

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Realist. Its more about the Arctic enviornment than GHG. But your right activism is a business and they have an ax to grind

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man made global warming scam

Drop the last word and we are closer to what's happening. Global warming and global cooling have alternated for millions, billions of years. Sure, but now man is doing his best to speed up the process. Ignorance, sorry, no, ignoring the evidence is what gives [us] peace of mind, absolves from responsibility, the state of earth left to our descendents.

I don't agree with all of Green Peace's methods, but they may just raise awareness of the ongoing rape of this planet where more big bucks are being made than in environmentalism.

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Greenpeace is not an environmental movement always guided by science according to a former director of Greenpeace International. He claimed that none of his fellow directors had any formal science education and were either political activists or environmental entrepreneurs. Scientific objectivity was abandoned in favor of political agendas and it evolved into an organization of extremism and politically motivated agenda that forced him to leave. His breaking point was when they tried to support a world-wide ban on chlorine. Unfortunately today there is a new agenda to ban Phthates, a safe chemical compound that makes plastic flexible and is used in many products. Thus a fear campaign to distract the public from real environmental threats is being implemented again as a political agenda instead of science driving our public policy.

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