Dutch PM slaps down far-right challenge


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Looks like the Dutch haven't fallen for rightist, racist trash.

How civilised.

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The title is misleading. They didnt slap down anything. In the final results the VVD lost 9 seats and PVV gained 4. Yes they are not the winner but have another gain in politics. But PVV has become too rightwinged in my opinion.

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Looks like the Dutch haven't fallen for rightist, racist trash.

Wich was my biggest fear to be honest in this election while Rutte isnt perfect and a little too Europhile for my taste he is miles better than WIlders.

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Let's not kid ourselves, all candidates in Europe from left to right have moved to the right in recent years (not saying it's a bad thing, dunno). Rutte himself ran an "if you don't like it here, then get out' campaign. So Wilders may not have won some of his ideas are now commonplace in Dutch politics.

I actually think many migrants (2nd/3rd generation) do not totally disagree with this type of statements and pretty sure some (many?) of them voted for Rutte who is what we could call a 'moderate' populist (like most euro politicians these days).

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I think Rutte did the right thing in making clear that the Netherlands would not tolerate those who don't respect what "is normal and what is not normal in our country". Many parties across Europe have not done anything about genuine concerns about mass immigration or even speak honestly about it. This has left the door open to trash like Wilders to take advantage. It's just a pity that in some cases it took the likes of Wilders to get some people to wise up.

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Well done, Netherlands. And congratulations to the Greens!

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Well done, Netherlands. And congratulations to the Greens!

I'll second that! I was seriously worried the Dutch might elect that Hilter/Beethoven crossbreed Wilders, but cooler heads prevailed. Congratulations!

-4 ( +7 / -11 )

Great result! But it's not all good news as future votes will likely have the same risks every time. What this proves though is that all populists are easily defeated if the turnout is high enough, so the big danger is voter apathy and low turnout, seeing as rabid rightists will always vote in creepy swarms

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Hi Zodiac, respect and kudos for taking the time out to vote you made the difference.

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@jimizo, completely agree. As bad as they were/are, Haider, Le Pen, Bossi etc in the 90s and now Farage, Wilder, Le Pen n2 etc have probably "de-taboo-ised" many issues Europe were facing cause let's face it for decades our lefts our rights had their heads buried in the sand and were living in dreamland (that didn't exist).

I think many non Europeans have no idea how disconnected from the real world our politicians were for decades and that their failure was the catalyst for populists rise.

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Thank God! Common sense spoke.

We need to stop a dangerous movement of far-right.

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@ Goldorak, there is a party that didn't move to the right, or dog whistle Islamophobia, in response to Geert. Its the Dutch Green Party, and they're picking up about 10 seats, and the youth vote.

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Great! The Dutch were always something special ... open-minded with little to no racism at all.

I only hope that the upcoming elections in other European countries will show the same results!

No to racism, no to discrimination!!

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Wilders would be a nobody if the NWO governments in the EU hadn't thrown open the gates to all and sundry. Which is a point most 'progressives' seem to miss.

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Wilders would be a nobody if the NWO governments in the EU hadn't thrown open the gates to all and sundry. Which is a point most 'progressives' seem to miss.

NWO? Please tell me you don't subscribe to that New World Order pap?

Back on topic, I'm really happy that the Dutch didn't slide down the populist right wing nutjob slope... Let's hope that the rest of Europe sees sense.

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It seems the hard stance row with Turkey has helped the Dutch PM stem the tide

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Sorry, A.N.Other, but Geert 'would have been a nobody' if it hadn't been for foreign meddling in the Dutch democracy (see the Intercept article about the Islamophobic American Republicans backing him despite the law)

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