Dutch, UK polls open, starting 4 days of European elections


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Will be interesting to see how many seats Nigel Farage's party picks up.

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Is Theresa May about to resign Friday?

Word around the camp fire, and rumours in the red tops, indicate a PM barricaded in number 10 drafting a resignation speech.

Have to be sceptical Theresa May definition of stepping down, could be suspiciously opaque as brexit means brexit. I would not put it past May sneaking back in a wig and false nose.

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The Brexit Party is expected to win bigly.

Theresa May is easily Britain's worst ever prime minister.

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Theresa May is easily Britain's worst ever prime minister.

I'm no fan but there's no way for her to win! Worse ever, only history can tell.

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Theresa May is easily Britain's worst ever prime minister.

She isn’t leader material, but to be fair to her she was put in a terrible situation created by David Cameron.

I’d actually put him below May.

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May is a double-crossing backstabber.

One-by-One the West is voting out their horrible horrible politicians.

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Most important euro elections ever. Actually, perhaps the only important euro elections.

Farage's ragtag outfit in Britain will win the most seats, but it is important to tot up the true anti-Brexit voting numbers.

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Theresa, there is a helicopter ready to take you back to Brussels.

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