Duterte critic journalist Ressa convicted in Philippine libel case


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Philippine is ruled by a mass murderer, that tells you all you need to know. Let’s stop pretending it has real justice and courts.

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Duterte denounced Rappler as a "fake news outlet" and subsequently banned Ressa and her colleagues from his public engagements.

Another authoritarian calling 'fake news' when a media outlet questions him or his fellow 'elite' backers. Corrupt regimes can more easily continue being corrupt when media are silenced. Authoritarian regimes want to control information and how it's reported. Look at North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and of course Russia where the state has 'partial' control.

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And as press is like free in any or us citizens want to live in glass house ,but most of those govts are paid/controlled by so called 1st world democratic countries.

If we want truly free press big boys need to leave alone small countries.

Don't tell me US is free country because it is not.

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Certainly a travesty of justice...

Just a preview of what Trump, Barr, and the Repubs want to do here in America...

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Banger, that's rich! Even my Filipino wife thinks Duterte is an idiot, one who wish he was the first one to rape a Christian missionary who was trying to out down a prison riot, and was ganged rape! A free press is an issue for ALL countries!

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To those of you who are commenting here, are you from the Philippines? Or do you live in the Phillipines?

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Maria Ressa must be a very powerful and well-connected American journalist .

If one da-kine looks at the headline and even the content itself it's very perplexing that Ted ALJIBE ****clearly and intentionally failed to mention the name of the businessman that was libeled!

Instead of letting us know the circumstances and the reason why he sued Ressa by interviewing him and printing his side of the coin Ted instead headlined Duterte!

That's bad journalism!

No wonder why President Trump also called a prominent news media giant as a fake news outlet!

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So Dutere can't take criticism, huh? He has to jail his critics and murder. He's just an immature thug and a scum. He's the new Marcos, the Donald Trump of the Phillipines.

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She’s a brave woman to stand up to stupid thug like that. It’s good that she’s there, but I hope she’s safe.

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