Philippine leader threatens to kill drug dealers


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But he said he had found at least nine police generals and Bureau of Customs officials were involved in the drug trade.“I did not know that I was fighting my own government,” he said, although the involvement of law enforcers and public officials has long been reported.

Criminalization invites corruption. Legalize drugs and address the chronic poverty caused by hereditary landowning families and crony capitalism.

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Good, 100% agree, drug deales and narcos are a pest.. Get rid of them !!..

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Duterte always sounds like he's on something and not prescribed either

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Poverty kills far more than drugs in Duterte's kingdom of corruption and state terror. Why isn't this psychopath on an international wanted list? A rhetorical question, perhaps, but it does beg a question or two about the dubious morality many world leaders preach from their privileged pulpits.

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No drugs in asian countries, please!

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Do you know how China could get rid of the peril of opium after 1949 ?

You know what to do, Mr.Dutrete!

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Do you know how China could get rid of the peril of opium after 1949 ?

You know what to do, Mr.Dutrete!

Good to know you support totalitarian Communist massacres

Situational ethics is a useful tool for those in power

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Again, shooting at drug addicts and dealers at point blank?

After a death toll of some 15 thousands since ~5 years ago, the leader wants to see blood once more..

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@venze: Drug dealers kill more people than you think! They told their own children never take drugs while they sold drugs to whoever can afford, including children!

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@dagon: Opium and all kind of addictive drugs should not be imported from the beginging! The earlier get rid of drugs is the dawn of a haunted nation! There was only one deserve to be blamed: The British Empire! Opium was grown in the British colony of India and exported to China! The Philipines has a drug problem was due to the US military garrison in their country during the 60s&70s when Vietnam war was fought to a climax and the needs of drug !

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 Drug dealers kill more people than you think! 

Well, just read up on a little history and you may be shocked and horrified by how many people governments kill. The Duterte regime's war on the poor alone has left families and friends grieving for at least 20,000 human beings killed in cold blood. It's unconscionable to accept this scale of terror perpetrated by a government with malice aforethought, and impunity to boot.

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