Eastern Australia warns of 'catastrophic' conditions amid heatwave


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This heatwave is clearly a myth, like climate change. It's clearly in Australia's best interest to continue dismantling its green programs and pumping out more coal.

Got to admire that political leadership.

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It is also time for all governments especially Australia's Liberal Nationals that coal is killing us through the changing of the atmosphere with climate change caused mainly the use of coal over the last 200 years of the industrial revolution overheating the planet henceforth extreme weather conditions

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Oh man, look at those pictures - climate change doesn't look so bad, does it ?

On a more serious note, lots of countries are going to benefit from climate change (Russia, Canada, and so on ...) so I wouldn't be surprised if some countries were banking on it behind closed doors...

The real losers are the countries that don't have the means to do anything about it. Also the ones with the smallest carbon footprints.

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Spot on Ron... No jobs on a dead planet and here's an analysis on how Australia got to now:


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It won't happen in my lifetime, but parts of the planet will likely become uninhabitable within a hundred years.

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