Egypt mass protests challenge Islamist president


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These Arab Springs have gone from bad to worse. Al Qaeda is gaining a foothold everywhere in the middle east.

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This one will be interesting to watch. Egypt, having such a rich and varied history, will be a testing ground, and the eventual compromise gained there may show others the way forward. I wish them luck.

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Al Qaeda is gaining a foothold everywhere in the middle east.

Al Qaeda has nothing to do with this. Have you considered reading the article?

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Another "Arab Spring" success story. and we are clamouring to oust Assad?

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Egyptians are protesting against their new islamist dictator, and where is Obama,a who was so eager to oust the secular Mubarak?......

nowhere to be seen or heard, except when hobnobbing with his islamist best friend Morsi, or underwriting more grants for the new Shariah dictatorship that was once Egypt.

Talk about hypocrisy.

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" Al Qaeda has nothing to do with this. "

Al Quaeda has everything to do with this, Al Quaeda wants the whole world under total Sharia rule, starting with the Middle East. And our politicians have been supporting Al Quaedas wishes in the form supporting the Muslim Brotherhood takeovers, aka the "Arab Springs".

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Al Quaeda has everything to do with this

It does not. Not all terrorists, extremist or religious groups are under the umbrella of al-Qaeda. You start with that and people's eyes will glaze over because you have gone overboard. Suddenly, Aum is part of al-Qaeda and This is about Morsi and what his plans are and have nothing to do with al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda might be pleased with this, but that does not mean they had anything to do with Morsi's decision.Unless, you can show otherwise.

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Al Quaeda has everything to do with this

So, you are suggesting that Morsi is Al Qaida? That the Muslim Brotherhood rule of Egypt is an Al Qaida proxy of some sort?

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Ansar al Sharia Egypt founder 'honored to be an extension of al Qaeda' @

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"Egyptians are protesting against their new islamist dictator, and where is Obama,a who was so eager to oust the secular Mubarak?......"

Nothing to do with the millions of people that camped and fought in Tahir square last? You're hilarious willi.

Morsi will back down from this, or there will be the kind of secretarian carnage you've been openly hoping for since the debut of the Arab Spring.

I'm hoping he backs down.

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He'll back down if the military steps in again. But that of course depends on if they stand for or against him.

@WilliB Al-quaeda can't be used as a blanket organization for all terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists etc. Boku Haram has ties, but is not AQ, The muslim brotherhood may have ties with AQ but is not AQ. The list goes on with various islamist groups.

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One would hope he backs down but in either event I hope the protesters are successful in establishing a democracy.

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"The people want to bring down the regime," and "erhal, erhal" - Arabic for "leave, leave," rang across the square.

So, how about some sanctions against Egypt's government, similar to those against Syria in the other article, or everybody is still waiting orders from Washington? Where are the French and the Turkish? Hard to find words...

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Turkey should immediately arm these protesters with fully automatic weapons and shoulder-fired laser guided anti-aircraft missiles.

That would be the fair, just and responsible thing to do.

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If I may step briefly into your slender grip on reality, wouldn't Morsi have to be bombing protesters and shooting at them for your comparison to your Syrian conflict to be accepted?

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I'm Egyptian, I refuse president Morsi's final Constitutional Declaration but I want to tell you that there isn't similarity between The Islamic brotherhood and Al Qaeda ,I wish World's support for Arab revolutions , Syria and Palestine . Thanks for you

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