EgyptAir jet missing after mid-air plunge over Mediterranean


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If the plane did indeed go thru a 360 degree turn, that must have been some frightening last minutes in that plane.

May they rest in peace.

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But 360 degrees without any distress call? Seems a bit unlikely.

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Very strange and suspicious. Until proven otherwise, it was an accident. It may take weeks or months and we will know the truth. The families suffer enough w/o the news organizations constant speculations.

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Until proven otherwise, it is reasonable to assume a terrorist attack.

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Honestly. in the age of mobile and GPS and localization and satellites, I am kind of surprise there is no a more efficient/fast way to localize a crashed plane's wreckage in the ocean...

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After seeing as many planes go missing and never recovered in the last decade, I agree.

Must we send more satellites into orbit?

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Put things in perspective. The Egyptian government is in the middle of a life-or-death struggle with the islamists of the ISIS, Al QUaeda and Muslim Brotherhood type. The Egyptian tourist industry has been the repeated target of of terrorism .. all forgotten? This is another nail in the coffin for Egypts economy. Things do not happen out of context, and airplanes dont fall out of the sky withour reason.

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airplanes dont fall out of the sky withour reason.

there are a lot

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Aly Rustom: Wait and see. I go with Occams Razor.

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Strange there's no claims

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I still dont understand why gazillion dollar aircraft do not have real time video gps and video monitoring when it is so easy and dirt cheap to use

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Well no matter what brought the plane down, the constant paranoid speculation means the terrorists are getting what they want. People living in constant fear.

I say bollocks to 'em. As Lostrune says, the fact nobody has claimed it suggests it's just a tragedy without fundie design.

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