Egyptian forces mistakenly fire on desert safari, killing 12


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Why are there tourists of any kind in Egypt?

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CrazyJoe - we can safely assume you`ve never been to Egypt, correct? You watch a bit of news and assume the whole Middle East is a big war zone, right? You should book a trip to Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Egypt right now - it will be an amazing and eye-opening trip full of amazing people, sights and food.

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The entire middle east is dangerous, you'd have to be an idiot to go there now.

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First I am amazed that anyone would take any type of tourist tour in a part of the world where there is years of ongoing conflict and being especially Mexicans (Catholics I assume) and in a Muslim country. Sorry you lost your lives and others were injured but as a Christian US white guy there would be no way that I would go within a 1000 miles of any Muslim country or take a tour of it. What tour company arranged this tour? They should be held accountable.

@crazyjoe, you are dead on, no puns meant

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