Egyptian plane hijacker arrested, passengers freed


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Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said the hijacking was “not something that has to do with terrorism”

It's interesting how the words terrorism and Islam have now become interchangeable. I'm sure he meant to say that it has nothing to do with Islam. Because hijacking a plane by threatening to detonate a suicide vest is definitely something that has to do with terrorism, regardless of religion or motive.

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Would hate to see what this guy does when is angry, if this for "love". This is like the old-school hijackings in the 70-80s when most people lived through it.

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Disagree. An overarching political motive is required to meet the definition of terrorism, the idea being that terrorizing the populace will cause governments to bend their policies towards the perpetrator's aims. That's why the San Bernardino shootings were termed terrorism while the Sandy Hook shooting was not.

This seems likely to end up just being a crazy guy with neither explosives nor comprehensible aim.

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Bah, poor fool. Love gives you temporary insanity.

Let us not forget the God of the hi-jack, D.B Cooper. Still at large, nobody hurt, swag never recovered.

Mission accomplished for a pound of play-dough, a timer, a few flares and one ballsy parachute jump. What a guy...

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Very true, but the problem with this classic definition (and the reason why many countries have updated their definitions to say that terrorism may be political rather than must be political) is that it means most religiously motivated attacks are outside the scope of terrorism. Remember, the Brussels Airport attackers made no demands and their personal motivation was probably just to die as martyrs.

There's no consensus on this but for me, the definition should be objective rather than based entirely on the subjective motives of the attacker. I think you're a terrorist if you attempt to further your agenda (whether political, religious, financial) by harming or intimidating people who are powerless to affect the outcome. But it's easy to imagine theoretical problems with this definition as well, which is probably why nobody has been able to agree.

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Remember, the Brussels Airport attackers made no demands and their personal motivation was probably just to die as martyrs.

I'm pretty sure their goal was to slaughter as many innocents as possible, as per their insane interpretation of a religious text written by man in the middle ages to control fellow, weak-minded men....

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If you loved me, you'd hijack a plane for me. Different countries have different customs I guess...

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surrendered and was taken into custody after he released all the passengers and crew.

What, did he realize there were no White hostages onboard?

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Remember, the Brussels Airport attackers made no demands and their personal motivation was probably just to die as martyrs.

I guess there are various definitions. My own is that the aim is to put the general population in fear in order to pursue whatever goal. I think the Brussels attack meets that definition in the sense that it could happen again anywhere, while this case perhaps doesn't.

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The incident raises more questions about security at Egyptian airports, five months after a Russian aircraft crashed over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula minutes after it took off from Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Huh? Should Egyptian airports now ban all belts? The guy was wearing a normal belt. What should Egyptian Security have done about it that they didn't already do?

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