Elle says it will drop fur from magazines worldwide


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Strong arguments on both sides. I’ll be happy if they can guarantee to keep chromosome-altering plastics out of the synthetic versions.

My grandmother started several high-profile movements against real fur, and promoted fashion shows of synthetics back in the 1950s. It’s taken seventy years to filter through to Elle.

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Fur is warmer and more comfortable than synthetics.

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A step in the right direction. While fur might have been the best option ages ago, there’s no real reason to keep it around nowadays. Synthetics are easier to produce, don’t require NEARLY the same level of upkeep, and can pretty much do anything that fur can at a fraction of the price.

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I cannot see killing animals only for their pelts. It is wrong. Shearing sheep for wool is fine but killing an animal just for their fur is just not right. However I see no problem using hides, fur and anything else from farm animals raised and killed for food.   Nothing is gained from leaving behind useful parts of an animal slaughtered for meat.

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