Embassies still shut, U.S. tries to pinpoint targets


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I hope this is just a bunch of hot air, but I can only hope so much. If Al Qaeda etc..are ready to attack and the NSA, CIA etc..are doing their job, it would be might nice if them drones just happened to find them terrorists and let a few clicks from the remote control blow them up real pretty, help them terrorists become martyrs in their sick, twisted messed up world ASAP.

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If the US spent the same money on peaceful, friendly projects that it spends carving up other countries, and showed a little tolerance toward people with differing points of view, it might not have the huge number of enemies that it has.

Just a thought.

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Yep, the NSA intelligence is working. Their intelligence gathering is so good that they have closed down something like 9 USA embassies. Yes, the NSA has thwarted so many terroist attacks in the past - so they say. the bull@&#% meter just went off the clock.

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So I guess Al Qaeda was not "on the run" as the Messiah so frequently suggested. Obama has successfully been re-elected so I suppose it is okay for the media to admit the obvious now. Al Qaeda isn't on the run - Obama is.

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I think what you meant to say was "if the US kissed everyone's ass they wouldn't have as many as enemies as they have"

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interesting how this story arises just when many people are questioning the activities of the NSA ....

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" interesting how this story arises just when many people are questioning the activities of the NSA ...."

Yes, it's "See! We told you you need us to protect you from the enemies we've created!" Actually only protecting themselves, the Alphabet Soup goons.

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Once the plot was detected however, NSA analysts could use the programs that leaker Edward Snowden revealed to determine whom the plotters may have contacted around the world. Snowden revealed one program that collected telephone data such as the numbers called and the duration of calls on U.S. telephone networks. Another program searched global Internet usage. Therefore, if a new name was detected in the initial chatter, the name or phone number of that person could be run through the NSA databases to see whom he called or what websites or emails he visited.

This could almost have been written by NSA to justify their programmes. This whole thing is classic misinformation and asscovering.

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No, that is not what I meant.

Instead of covert operations that backfire on them, unwinnable wars (the war on "terror") and other acts of aggression, if the US spent the same astronomical amounts of money on, for example, researching and developing new, sustainable forms of energy, helping developing countries build an infrastructure, solving famine and medical problems, it would have a LOT MORE FRIENDS.

As it is, it has made rather a lot of very dangerous enemies in the Middle East in particular, and as VicMOsaka points out, their "intelligence" is at the "duh" level, so they are closing down embassies because they can't handle the situation.

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Bugler, sound the retreat!

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