English tourists seriously injured in Australia shark attack

By Sarah Lai

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Their Ocean not ours Hook passage is a beautiful spot but its pretty well known that some decent size sharks get around there..But hey what a story for the Grandkids..

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Not rare enough!

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Sharks are dangerous, and care must be taken when in the water.  Vigilance is the best defense.  Know where they are, and if you can't tell the signs of pending attack, get out of the water when you see them.

Many people forget that the sea just like the forests and jungles are wilderness. Once you enter it, you enter yourself into a food chain. Ignorance thereof and lack of respect for it will force you to be a food source faster, whether you like it or not.

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My thoughts are with the injured, I hope they recover.

There was another one in Fiji recently where a women lost both her arms and was almost ripped into half.

I wish people are more careful when around shark infested areas.

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Sharks normally do not attack humans but sometimes mistake them for seals, especially when they're wearing black wetsuits. Go for yellow or red. If in trouble, try to punch them in the snout - they rely on geomagnetic sensors there, and this will confuse them enough to drive them away (hopefully).

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From what I understand, sharks are to all intents and purposes color blind. That they do not attack pilot fish should give a hint as to what kind of wet suit to wear!

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Yes sharks generally avoid people but certain species have no problem taking a bite.

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Vigilance is the best defense.  Know where they are

Tricorders won't be invented until the 23rd century. Right now we don't have the technology to detect every shark in the waters where people swim. My advice is don't go out any deeper than waist level. You can sit down on the floor of the ocean with the water up to your neck safely, sharks can't reach you there, and you can still enjoy the waves.

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Here's a suggestion, don't go swimming or partake in watersports in waters that are known to have sharks. Extreme but should do the trick.

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Swim in freshwater rather than the ocean,

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I'm from London. No way, would I go swimming (outside of a pool) in Australia. I'll leave that to the sharks. Dry land and pubs for me...Aaah snake!

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They were "wrestling in the water"...

Sharks are thought to mistake humans for wounded creatures as our movements in the water send out messy electro signals. Two guys wrestling would have been worse, maybe that's why both were attacked.

Very unfortunate.

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