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Entire Apple stores being faked in China


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Apple’s Asia office based in Beijing would not comment.


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The Chinese will counter by stating that Apple replicas are actually Chinese technology developed by "digesting" U.S. knowhow...

But seriously... have they no shame?

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Just another reason why China will be a follower rather than a leader for a long, long time to come. Chinese originality and creativity seems to have died a few centuries after they came up with gunpowder.

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Can real Apple sue them to make some good easy money? Chinese court , American court ,International court, wherever?

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Having embarrassed the Chinese government this store will be closed down very soon only to re-appear somewhere else after a decent amount of time has elapsed.

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Everything is fake there, well known to copy and counterfeit, instead of made in China they should label products Made in Countefeitland

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China is digging a grave with regard to quality & originality.

These particular people are proving themselves fantastic at being thieves.

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LOL, what happened to the Rolex watches? I guess fashion changes with times.

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The 27-year-old blogger, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the set-up of the stores was so convincing that the employees themselves seemed to believe they worked for Apple.

Brave lady. Stay safe.

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Not surprised & suspect there are a lot more than 3 fake stores. Probably fake stores with every iconic name on them....

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It was on NBC evening news last night here in US. I was not too surprised as anything goes in China.

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