Erdogan demands Iraqi Kurds call off referendum


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The Kurdish people have every right to proceed with their vote to secede from Iraq, the people in the region have been lied to since world war 1 when the British and French made promises to give independence to the people in the region. Why should they trust anyone including the U.S. just ask the Hmong people of Laos how empty the promises the U.S. made to them during the Viet Nam War. The Kurdish people have suffered under the different governments in the middle east for far to long, it is time they have their own government and hold their future in their own hand, they have proven to be fierce fighters and loyal friends.

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Virtually all countries including the United States and Iran oppose the referendum -- with the exception of Israel

Therefore it will proceed.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. kim jong un. trump. Benjamin Netanyahu. the saudi guy. do they belong to a golf club?

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Why is Erdogan against people voting

If the Kurds are successful in Iraq, y'know they gonna do a referendum too in Syria

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Well, if they are successful in Iraq, Kurds from across the region could head there and solve Erdogits problem couldn't they? He doesn't seem to want them in Turkey.......

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