Erdogan says lira crash 'political plot' against Turkey

By Fulya Ozerkhan

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Erdogan appeared to indicate that the entire alliance between Turkey -- which joined NATO in 1952 with strong American backing -- and Washington was at stake.

NATO is about to lose their second largest army.

The plan is working.

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"The dispute between the two NATO allies -- which reached new intensity over the detention of an American pastor in Turkey"

I bet a lot of Turks are thinking "Just let him go, Erdogan."

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Wait and see what will happen in Syria if US and turkey fight.

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He said Turkey's response was not going to be based on "reciprocity", adding: "Those who commit a crime will pay a price."

Unless, of course, the person committing the crime is Erdogan or a family member. In that case the evidence is destroyed and charges are dropped.

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I feel bad for all the good people in Turkey who have to put up with the whims of 2 idiot leaders. I hope their economy isn't destroyed before cooler heads take over, but the Turkish people who elected this alt-right man are to blame.

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I hope Turkey is able to face American bullying. Sadly, the US are used to destroy the Countries with their economic sanctions and financial speculation. I wish China overtakes the US soon, making the world a place more stable and peaceful.

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Erdogan sees ghosts everywhere - he's been arresting everybody

Turkey has been lost awhile ago as far as practical NATO goes - they haven't relied on Turkish military forces for a long time, and recently not even using Turkish bases anymore

Seems there's no way but Turkey to capitulate if they want to save the Lira

I wish China overtakes the US soon, making the world a place more stable and peaceful.

China will never let other countries have mega surplus with it - all other countries would be accruing trade deficits. Good luck trying to keep other countries (particularly developing countries) stable and peaceful while they see nothing but trade deficits (and domestic industries killed by cheap Chinese imports)

"Chinese Imports Hamper Industry in Africa’s Largest Economy"

Amidst the influx of cheap Chinese textiles, local Nigerian manufacturers have struggled to keep pace. Factory closings have left thousands of former textile workers jobless. Over the last two decades, the number of Nigerians employed by the textile industry has fallen by more than 95 percent.[3]

Domestic textile manufacturing, once a source of national pride for Nigeria, has been in decline since the 1990s.[4] Now, given the dominance of cloth and fabrics produced abroad, there appears to be little chance of revival for the country’s textile manufacturers.

China has financed dozens of development projects including power plants, rail networks, roads, and telecommunications systems.[12] In coming years, with cheap goods continuing to flow into Nigeria’s markets, these infrastructure improvements may only enhance China’s ability to sell to Nigeria, rather than enhancing Nigeria’s capacity for domestic production and export.

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Andrew Brunson was held as hostage by Erdogan for to exchange with Pennsylvania-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen. Fethullah Gulen was an enemy number one for Erdogan. He wants to try Fethullah Gulen in Turkey and put him in the jail for life.

What Erdogan is going to do now?

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It is a travesty that the POTUS (this one in particular) can wage economic wars with zero restraint based only on his gut feelings, watching Faux News or something that somebody whispered into his ear.

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