Erdogan vows to press Syria offensive to key Kurdish-held towns


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After the public remarks of General Votel in support of our Kurdish allies, the Pentagon can ill afford to permit a betrayal of our loyal allies (the YPG) simply to satisfy the mania of Turkey's fascist dictator who seeks to destroy our brave partners (in fighting ISIS and liberating Raqqa) to achieve a holocaust of these brave democratic people, reminiscent of what the Turks did a century ago with the Armenians! That despicable act cannot be repeated on these courageous partners of ours.

Erdogan is a monster who must be stopped in his attempt of ethnic cleansing! The stain on the USA would shame us before the world.

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CrazyJoe, I do not think anyone considers the YPG to be democratic. Brave, yes, marxist, yes, socialist, yes, atheist yes, Islamic, yes, a mixture, yes, but democratic? Only for lack of any other name, surely.

Having given so many lives to retake Kobane on their own (NATO airstrikes helped) while Turkey stood by in their tanks just munching popcorn and watching, I seriously doubt that they will now allow Turkey to step in and take it all away from them. I see serious trouble ahead.

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Turkey is more important than the Kurdish state if for the sake of nato solidarity,no countries will help the Kurds that is for sure!Here is another humanitarian crisis if Erdogan runs out his patiences and his rude remarks is clearly shown he is going to finish all the Kurds abd he must do it openly! Witness the demise of the kurds is a good lesson to remind people being a "Running Dog" of U.S. is your foolish hope to gain survival!

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YPG is just another Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization, which is closely aligned with PKK, which killed tens of thousands of people in Turkey and officially recognized as a terrorist group by US and EU. Even Barzani of Iraqi Kurdistan said that YPG and PKK are the same thing. They are forcing people to fight for them and threatening to kill them if they don't. Moreover, Human Rights Watch announced that YPG is violating the child soldier ban, which is a war crime by international law, and many children are died in combat while fighting for YPG. 

There are also other terrorist groups fighting against ISIS. Both Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda are fighting against ISIS. More than 1000 Hezbollah fighters died while fighting ISIS, but the "brave" fight of YPG, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda against ISIS does not change the fact they are all terrorists. However, US is calling YPG as "brave" soldiers, not terrorists, because YPG for controlling the oil reserves in northern Syria as a puppet of US, unlike the other terrorist organizations. YPG and US used ISIS as an excuse to occupy northern Syria. Eventually US will betray and get rid of YPG when US no longer needs YPG, like the other terrorist organizations that US used in.the past. US has already abandoned the YPG forces in Afrin in the favor of Turks because both Obama and Trump had promised to Turks that YPG will retreat to the west of Euphrates River after ISIS is defeated at the east of Euphrates River and YPG is no longer necessary in that area. However YPG did not retreat, so Turks are making it happen by force and US is allowing it by keeping silent.

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As an addition, Turks won't stop because they know that YPG ocuppied area will empower PKK, because YPG will allow it to be used by PKK, as a stronghold and a border passage for terrorist activities against Turkey. Therefore Turks want to minimize the YPG occupied area as much as possible.

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And let's not forget that Turkey is in Afrin with tacit Russian approval, even when ally Assad is against Turkey going into Syria

"Pro-Kurdish forces condemn Russian 'betrayal' over Afrin offensive"

YPG leaders have been enraged by the apparent willingness of Russia - which had scores of military advisors in Afrin - to allow Turkey to use Syrian airspace and send troops into the province.

"For two years, Russian forces have been in Afrin, and they have claimed that they will resolve certain issues working together with Kurds," he said.

"They constantly said a solution without Kurds is not possible. We had certain arrangements with Russia. But Russia suddenly disregarded these agreements and betrayed us.

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It's war crime and that will kill many innocent civilians.

Where is the UN Human Rights' Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein?

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Erdogan is a nut.

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