Ethics commissioner finds Canadian PM Trudeau violated ethics


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau already violated ethics long ago when he co-signed the globalist CETA agreement which greatly disadvantages local businesses.

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Canada needs to find their own Trump and end the leftist lunacy in their national government.

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I can understand his wanting to support a major Canadian employer but, the punishment / demotion that followed Wilson-Raybould's standing up to the pressure is something I don't forgive. Trudeau should step down and Wilson-Raybould should take the reins of the Liberal party.

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SNC-Lavalin is well known to Canadians as a corrupt company with decades of influence on government crossing all political stripes. Trudeau needed to find a way out and couldn't. No one believes for a second what's his name Sheer, the PC leader, a Harper protege wouldn't have done much differently. The problem is swapping one for the other results in no change.

Hence the growing Green Party poll numbers with the climate emergency upon us all.

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The authority of the prime minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit

If that's true, good on Canada's systems for catching it. Granting any executive too much authority is rarely beneficial to the majority.

Canada needs to find their own Trump and end the leftist lunacy in their national government.

I have faith Canadians will continue to set their own course, one best serving the needs of the majority. What Trump and the far right are doing to the US, what authoritarians like Xi and Putin are doing in their respective countries hopefully will be reminders to Canadians of the importance of maintaining a democracy that tries to help all, not just the richest.

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Twitter sums it up nicely: """When the alternative is a racist climate crisis denier whose tactics and values seem closely aligned to the MAGA movement and Yellow Jackets?.... Uh, let me think....

Nope! I am still good with Trudeau, thanks."""

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Trudeau is corrupt.

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Canada needs to change it's laws so that when their leaders actually break the law, they go to jail.

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