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Ethiopia PM Abiy wins Nobel Peace Prize

By Johannes LEDEL

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Now this is a role model for role models. A violent, uneducated, coarse world throws itself before strong men and dictators, hoping for crumbs off the demagogue table. But President Abiy tells them that true strength and power comes from the act of turning swords into plowshares. In a continent gripped by rising militarism and ethnic and religious violence, he shows a clear way out of stalemate. A wonderful choice.

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congratulations to PM Abiy of Ethiopia for winning the 2019 Nobel Peace Price. Africa's youngest leader more than deserves it. His vision and boldness to initiate peace with Eritrea has resolved the longstanding stalemate and low intensity war that had existed between the two neighbors. May be the awarding committee should have given it jointly to PM Abiy of Ethiopia and President Afwerki of Eritrea. It is time for PM Abiy to turn his attention home and make peace with the Oromo people, return their lands and stop disenfranchising them.

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This is really great to see what this man has done.

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.Outstanding ! congratulations !

Great day for Ethiopia .

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Well deserved!

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Now this man shows what direction of thinking humanity should be taking. RESPECT for him, and strong support for his goals of making a peaceful, productive, and prosperous country for Ethiopians to live in.

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Well deserved. Congratulations!

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